Working from home

There are so many ways moms can earn money from home. A friend of mine is now knitting winter wear and sell them for a good price. Because of her beautiful artwork and nice blend of colours, people love her knit wear.

Another friend is doing embroidery. She can do fantastic embroidery on even the most ordinary jeans. She has one of those machine embroidery designs DIY thing at home and she uses it for stitching on clothes, canvas and even very soft materials like silk.

Meanwhile, another friend is baking cupcakes and her decorations are out of this world. Her cakes must be pre-ordered and she is doing a very good business out of baking.

All the above three friends have passions for things they do and they made them so nice because of their love for their respective hobbies.

So, it is not true that stay at home moms can’t make a living if they do not go to work in regular jobs.

All it takes are some creative ideas, endless pursuits of business leads and a passion and love to do what they want.

They advertise their products on Facebook and it is easy to manage as well. Facebook has made it so easy for moms at home to do business.

A few other friends have set up online shops and they too are making a good living from home. Although some of them need to physically produce something, they are able to juggle as they are based at home.

I personally think it is good to work from home. However, we sometimes miss the adult companies and routine we have as working moms. I have started working two years ago and today, I did not regret staying at home for 12 years to attend to the kids. Important thing to remember is to love what we are doing and whatever option we choose is find.

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