FAQ related to breastfeeding – Pt 3

I’m too busy at work to express properly. What do I do? If you’re too busy to pump even during lunch time, you can do it before you start work or before you leave for work. You can also pump when you are home feeding your baby, nurse on one side and pump the other. […]

FAQ related to breastfeeding – Pt 2

How do I continue breastfeeding when I return to work after confinement? It is not impossible but takes a lot of planning. During maternity leave, pump out as much as you can and store in the freezer for contingency – in case you could not pump out during office hours or you did not manage […]

FAQ related to breastfeeding

MyMomsBest is an online community of nursing mothers whom have many years of breast-feeding experiences. In our e-group, we often receive many frequently asked questions (FAQs). On the following pages, we will share the tips and advices from the mothers to the mothers. (Please note that these are information provided by the mothers. You are […]