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Jun 20

And it doesn’t matter you know, even if you only manage to express a little, you could still add it to the formula you are giving – something is better than nothing right? If you continuing expressing at work it will keep your the milk supply up even if the amount expressed is very little .I know mothers who bf in the morning before they leave for work and when they return home. They do not express but they bf during weekends and also any time they are at home. The milk supply will adjust to a set routine. (Nazreen)

When I take time off from work to pump, I feel tremendously at peace and in tune with myself. May be becoz I hafta concentrate on this act or may be becoz it’s a small break of 20 mins, I often feel relaxed aft coming out of the storeroom with some milk for my baby, whatever the amount is. I have learned to take things slowly through pumping for my baby. (Sze Sze)

A useful tip I got from my friend who used to express milk while at work. Stimulate let down by teasing your nipples with a face towel. That way, you will be able to express comfortably for a shorter time. Another tip is to express while nursing as our body is able to adjust to the demand. Let’s say, you express while you’re nursing at 11.00pm every night, your body will think that is how much your baby needs at night, therefore increases its production of milk to meet the demand (Min)

The method which was shared with me is to form a C with your thumb and forefinger.

Place your hand just above the ariola and gently glide your hand down. Something like the right hand in the middle picture at the bottom (the grey one). Yup, just one hand. It’ll help to stimulate your breast (remember the hanky? :o)) before you start expressing whether with hand or pump. (Min)

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Jun 18

Hand Expressing: I use a bigger size bottle, with a wide mouth. Found the normal bottle too small for my nipple. Milk tends to spray all over. Use my left hand to press, right hand to catch the milk. Thumb on the upper part, the rest of the fingers at the lower part. The angle between thumb and fingers is like a clock at 6 pm. Get it? Top and bottom. When you move, also at that angle. You can go clock-wise or counter clock-wise but the angle remains the same -opposite. Never cubit yourself. All my jari-jari NEVER move on the surface of the skin. You can get skin burn if you do that. Get a firm hold and gently squeeze to the nipple area. Don’t expect milk to start flowing immediately. NEVER also squeeze on the aerola. This area is very sensitive. Once the milk flows, it really flows because they are forced out instead of being suck out. I had noticed that I get 3 gushes of milk (in an interval of about 10 mins) each time I express. The milk will flow but when you get the gushes, you can feel the breast firm up again and the milk flows more. (Lilian)

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Jun 16

This is how I do (to) save space for storing expressed breast milk in the freezer and also to avoid spillage when transfer to the bottle… After pumping, … I put EBM in plastic ice cube trays and after that transfer the frozen cubes into a zip bag. … It makes life easier for the child minder as it thaws quickly, and it’s easy to add an ounce or two more on hungry days … I also numbered them so as to keep track of the stocks! I have in each zipper bag 10 cubes of EBM (about 4 oz.) expressed on the same time. (Geok Hong)

You will need these for successful pumping in the workplace:

1. Breastpump
2. Breastshell -keep those precious milk which let down when you are pumping from the other!
3. Face towel – to clean the desk / your outfit
4. 2 or 4 bottles of empty milk bottles depending how much you want to store per bottle
5. cooler box (you will probably receive a few from those baby hampers)
6. washing / sterilising equipment
(Sze Sze)

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