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Feb 20

I just watched a whitening cream advertisement for underarms on TV. I think it is good that I remind pregnant moms that some women do get discolourations on their neck (like me), armpits and other parts of the body.

Before I got pregnant, I have another colleague who got it quite bad. I remembered her grumbling about it and no matter how she scrubbed, the dark patches on her armpits refused to go away. It is rather unsightly but then, pregnancy hormones throw us moms all kind of funny things.

Eventually, those underarms pigmentations go away. If I remember, it took several months before the dark patches on my neck disappeared. During those period, I was very conscious of them and tried to hide with higher collar.

So, moms, please do not resort to any chemicals or creams during your pregnancy and lactating period. Bear with it until it is over because it is caused by the hormones upsets.

The mask of pregnancy appears when high estrogen levels stimulate melanin production, and exposure to sunlight makes the condition more prominent. Discolored patches of skin may also develop on the forearms and other parts of the body that receive exposure to the sun. Melasma sometimes is more pronounced with each pregnancy.


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