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Apr 11

There’s no milk like mother’s milk! Breastmilk is the best milk for newborns and it should be the exclusive food until they reach six months old. Exclusive means ideally there is no other milk or food sources. During weaning period (from 6 months onwards), babies will start taking solid foods as being recommended by the nutrition experts.

Breastfeeding can be continued till your kid reaches one year old and beyond. Some of my friends even breastfed till their kids reached three years old. However, most moms find it hard to express their milk during work and, therefore they are unable to provide solely breastmilk to their toddlers. Some children are natural milk lovers.

My little boy is now five years old and he was exclusively breastfed for about eight months old. After that, I weaned him on follow-up milk. He just loves his milk and cannot sleep without a bottle of warm milk before nap and bedtime.

So, the big question is which milk should we offer to our little toddlers? There are so many alphabets, funny names and all kinds of flavours to choose from. It is sometimes hard for us to decide because we want the best for our children.

Recently, my friend got me a tin of Friso Gold 4 new hygiene pack (suitable for my boy who is above four years old) since he knows that my little boy is one of the most blogged-about boy on the Malaysia’s blogosphere. Incidentally, I already bought a tin earlier when I saw the advertisement appearing on my blog.

I did a quick check and like their special hygiene pack and ingredients such as prebiotics and probiotics. My boy is very actively exploring in the park and garden. He is now mixing with other children of his age and getting the germs and bugs are inevitable.

According to Friso’s website,

Friso Gold is enhanced with Frisoshield™ for more goodness. It contains a nutritious combination of prebiotics (FOS), probiotics (L. reuteri), nucleotides, selenium and mixed carotenes. Friso Gold also has DHA, AA and SA for your child’s overall development.

My little boy loves the flavour of the milk so much! He said it tastes like the warm vanilla that I get for him at coffee joints. I am already into the second tin, just after more than a week because he wanted several bottles a day.

I figure out…..he won’t be asking for milk for much longer as most children will outgrow their liking for milk once they are older. So I better give him all the goodness and nutrients he demands now. He leads a very active lifestyle full of swimming, running in the park, playing badminton with my husband and practically on full turbo charged the whole day.

So, if you are wondering which milk to get for your child, think of the nice taste of warm vanilla which contains the necessary goodness that protects our child. My little boy certainly knows how to enjoy life.

There are various stages of the milk for children above one year old. Do look for the right lable and find one suitable for your child’s age.

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Jan 10

Sometimes, breastfed babies tend to poo more often. So, how do you know if your baby is experiencing loose stool or diarrhea or it is just normal?

Below is a question from one of the mom :

My son who is coming to 5 months now still passing motion almost at each feed. One day is about 5-6, sometimes 7 times. His weight gain is about 400-600gm per month for the last two months. Sometimes the stool is watery too. However, He is still active and happy as usual.

Should I continue to fully breastfeed him or supplement with solid or formula?

And I provided some ideas :

Definitely not supplement with formula! Have you checked with your paediatrician about this? He may want to know the colour of the stool, the consistency, whether it is pasty (like flour mixed with water), totally watery or is there some transparent, jellylike stool. These are all very important indications for doctors.

A food allergy can cause loose stool. Eg, the food you take may not agree with your baby’s digestive system. Is this a daily occurrence? Does your baby get tummy aches, bloated tummy etc? Is there a history of allergy in both you and your hubby’s family?

Your decision whether to start solid depends on your comfort level. Many of us start solid at 4 months (only rice flakes mixed with ebm). But many prefers to wait till 6 months. Starting solid may not solve the problem unless you know the reason. Best to check with your child’s paed, pick up the phone and ask. Otherwise, answer the above questions and write in detail. I will check this out with a paed for you.
Lilian (co-owner, moderator and mom of 5)

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Jan 08

If my breastfed baby has no bowel movement for several days, should I be worried? Is my baby constipated?

The above is a common question asked by a lot of new mothers who breastfeed their babies.

Here is one question posted by a mom.

My Nina now is nursing fully, but it’s been 3 days since she’s moved her bowels. Is this something I should be worried about? I’m thinking of taking her to see my paed if she doesn’t do anything today. How long can a baby go without doing it? -Yat

And the other mothers who breastfeed their babies shared their own experiences :

Bowel – If Nina is not straining or looks uncomfortable, just sit and wait. You will be ‘rewarded’ with a big one soon. My son is also the same – sometimes poo about 7-9 times per day, then suddenly 3 days without bowel movement. All the moo-mies here will chorus – this is normal! if you are exclusively breast-feeding her. – Lilian

Not to worry! It’s normal for exclusively BFG babies do not pass the bowel very often. This is due to our super duper milk is almost 100% absorbed as nutrition by their body, thus not so much to be passed. At one time Wafiq (when he was 3 mths) did not do ‘bisnes’ for almost 10 days. Just minutes away before we went to see a paed, he gave us a surprise with long overdue bullet! – Fiz

There’s nothing to worry about. Joe Yue, now 3.5 months old, has been having bowel movement (since he turned 3 months)every 4 – 5 days. At first, I was worried like you too but after that I realised that it was normal. His paed said that there’s even a record of 11 days! As long as the poo-poo is not hard and pellet-like and your baby is not crying, it’s perfectly fine. – Christine

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