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Oct 05

Febrible Fits

Sometimes, if the body temperature rises rapidly, some children may have a fit. The eyes are uprolled, lips are blue and the arms and legs are jerking. The child may foam in the mouth and is unconscious. Lie the child on his side, and hold him. Do not push any spoon into his mouth as he will not bite his tongue. The fit will stop in about 5 minutes and he cries and wakes. Later he falls into a deep sleep. After the fit, if the temperature is high, sponge him down as above and then bring him to the nearest doctor.

Common Coughs and colds

These are usually due to viral infections, and the nose mucus is clear. The illness settles usually in 1 week. The cough and cold will get better on its own and the child may only need some medicine for a blocked nose.

Diarrhoea or loose stools and vomitting

Again, these are usually due to viruses that cause an infection of the intestinal lining. There are no specific safe medicines to stop the diarrhoea in children.

Continue feeding milk, foods and give extra fluids in the form of oral rehydrating salts (ORS) mixed with water, offering small amounts at a time. Rice water cooked with a pinch of salt is also useful to prevent dehydration. Monitor the amount of urine passed. The diarrhoea gets better in 3-7 days.

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