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Apr 06

VBAC or vaginal birth after caesarian. Has anyone here done it? I am not pregnant or even yet planning baby #2, but I’m wondering if I am still living in Malaysia whether I will be able to find a supportive doctor so I can try for a VBAC. Or do most of them still push for repeat caesarians?

I know in many places in Europe it is expected that a mother who has had a caesarian will, in most instances, try for a natural birth the next time around. In North America it depends more on your doctor, or the hospital you deliver in.

I also wonder if public hospitals in Malaysia would actually be better for someone wanting to have the least intervention as possible in their birth – they probably don’t give you as much attention as they do in a private hospital! Actually, my top choice would be to have a home birth, but I haven’t heard of any midwives who are licensed to attend home births here. Thoughts? Thanks!

Canadian expat in Malaysia,

I have been through that. It is actually a non-issue. It depends on why you need a caesarian earlier. Mine was because the baby was too big (4.1kg) and my cervix couldn’t dilate. But there are some who need repeated c-secs because of other problems. I would say that this has nothing to do with countries, hospitals or doctors. But rather, depends on how confident the mother is, the kind of trust she has on her ob-gyn and whether she is ready to endure long, long labour that last two days…. Back then, 12 yrs ago, I am knowledgeable enough to listen in to the midwives/ob-gyn conversations about the progress of the labour etc. In fact, I went to labour equipped, 14yrs ago, with many terms they used, probably to impress them, to warn them not to mess with me and to be in control.

I went on to have two VBACs. Then again, my ob-gyn is one of kind …
Lilian (mom of 5)

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