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Apr 04

Gulai lemak cili api from Negeri Sembilan – Hanz

1. Lots of cili padi
2. Kunyit
3. Santan (coconut milk)
4. Asam keping / Asam jawa

* No bawang (onion)

My mom likes to simmer the main dish like fish, chicken, meat & seafood 1st b4 putting santan. Mom always keep a homemade blended mixture of chillies, kunyit & [salt (for durability-tahan lama)] ready. So, it’s like when oil has heat-up, the mixture will simmer together with fish/chicken, etc..until fragrance. Reason being, to discard the water & the smell of the raw item. Few minutes later add-in santan & MUST continously stir ‘untuk pecahkan lemak santan’ OR u will get 2 layers of milk & water of the santan separated Asam keping/ asam jawa is to tone down the spiciness & the extra oompph flavour. The gulai must be yellowish in colour, thick milky gravy & milky & spicy & very light sourish & tangy taste – this can be call gulai.

Mom is innovative. Try prawn with pineapple, meat/chicken with potato, fish with asam gelugur/brinjal/’terung pipit’/. Remember that Mom only use onion when want to make gulai ikan bilis (anchovies) with onion.

Have u all eat gulai pisang? Or betik muda? Or umbut kelapa?
(Must be jargon to some, he, he)

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Apr 02

Masak Lemak Cili Api (whatever … easiest is telur ..) – Lyza

1 box of santan (liquid)-add water (depends on the consistency u like – I like it to be real thick)
Chili Padi (5pc would give an ok degree of hotness)-pound
1 inch of fresh tumeric (pound)
1 or 2 daun kunyit
1 chicken stock cube (cheat a bit)
salt to taste

Put everything into a pot and boil. Stirring all the time. When gravy about to reach boiling point, break in the eggs and reduce fire. Done.

No need bawang … but tumeric must be fresh ….
Those who like tempoyak … can add in also ..

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Mar 31

Sambal ikan bilis – Lyza,

4-7 Large Onions (Slice thinly-julienne)
Garlic (sometimes I omit, in fact I almost never put coz malas)
Chili (amount depends on how hot u like it to be. Caution- dried chillies from Tesco are MEGA hot !!!))
3 stalks Serai ( crush serai head )
Tamarind juice
A dash of MSG (optional)
Ikan bilis(option: to fry ikan bilis first, I don’t)

Oil (Not too little other wise chili won’t cook properly and will leave an unpleasant taste)
Saute onions (lots and lots of it) in frying pan until golden brown.
Add chili.
Fry/cook the chili until “pecah minyak” ie. until the oil and chili separates and cooked thoroughly – very important. No short cuts for this. Do not worry about excess oil at this point.
Then, add tamarind juice, serai, ikan bilis (use just enough – if too much ikan bilis, sambal will dissappear), MSG, salt and sugar (lots if you like sweet yummy sambal).
Taste and adjust until u r satisfied with the taste.
Before serving, throw away excess oil.

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