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May 31

Every single one of my four children knows how to swim and play some sports like football, badminton and skateboarding. In fact, every kid should at least play a few sports because character building starts from sports. It teaches them teamwork, confidence, determination and other positive qualities that will give them a headstart.

Basically, for swimming we started with allowing them to play in the kiddies pool. The most important thing is to watch over them carefully, ensuring that they are not traumatized by any sudden splashes of water. Next is to make sure that we ourselves are not the panicky kind of parents. Kids pick up our bad vibes easily and they can sense any feelings from us.

As for the other sports, we started with playing balls with them as soon as they can walk. It is a good way to get the kids to learn to walk and run on the green, grassy field as it is a healthy exercise as well.

So, how do I get my children to swim or do any kind of sports? We provide them the opportunities to try out new sports and games and allow them space to master them. When my children see the trend of skateboarding, they too wanted to be involve in this sport and it takes a lot of courage to do all the skateboarding tricks.

Meanwhile, my little boy loves badminton and will pester my hubby to play badminton with him in the evenings. He has these rosy cheeks after a good game and the little man comes home feeling proud that he has played a good game. This also teaches him to be disciplined, have good manners and competitive.

Like all the other sports, I think swimming is the best activities because they to be courageous, responsible and adventurous. Beside that, playing sports together is also a good time for family bonding as well. We had shared so many funny moments in the pool, at the field and the skatepark.

I think this will also lift off some worries when they have to venture away from home on their school trips or other activities. Knowing that they can somehow swim and deal with playing a game with others is a lot comforting. The children will inevitably go somewhere far away from us on scout camps, school field trips or national service. We can rest assured that should they be asked to do any , they will be alright with them.

In conclusion, do not make playing sport or swimming as a lesson but instead, a play time for the whole family.

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May 28

Being parents mean huge responsibilities. It is never too early to plan and save for our children future. Right from the beginning when we are just married, we have to start managing our money wisely.

We are all going to come face to face with the financial demands of bringing up a family. I know very well because I have been through some tough times during the recession in the late 80s and early 90s where jobs were scarce, salary was slow in coming and there was no bonus or promotion.

We live in uncertainties, with economic upheavals, risk of losing jobs or bleak prospects. Though we may be doing well at one moment, we may not always be as lucky. So, it is always wise to be prepared financially to face any storm ahead.

When we have a family, we have to care for them with our best abilities. We have to budget, cut down on our own expenses and save money. However, not many of us have the discipline or even the awareness of how much or how little we can spend on each family needs.

This is when we need someone who is well versed and professional in dealing with budgets and financial management come in very handy and timely. It is good to know how much we are committed in managing our daily expenses, saving for the future, paying for our mortgages, loans, insurance coverages and how much we can afford to spend on other needs like family holidays, luxurious items and other necessities.

AmBank Family First offers a wealth of resources and privileges which provide a convenient and reliable way to manage our budget and planning. When you have children, you know that education costs a lot of money. We also need to ensure that our families are decently covered with insurance because we never know what can happen.

When you have come to an age like my husband and I, with ample EPF savings and FDs, our financial headaches are not over. We have to make sure that we know how to invest these money wisely or else they may be stagnant or losing in inflation. Or even worse, if some parents are not careful, they may even invest wrongly, losing all the money meant for their children.

We cannot afford all these risks so it is always better to find a person who can help us to chart out our paths. We must have the map to guide us to wise financial management because our family comes first.

Check out AmBank’s Family First website at and find out how financial healthy you are with their Money Measure. Learn the tips and tricks from their site and call up the toll free number at 1300 80 8888 to begin this very important responsibility of taking care of our family.

Remember, Family always come first.


May 16

Thanks for all the sharing. It is so nice to know that there are normal moms out there with healthy and realistic body image.

But i still haven’t quite gotten the answer to my true question, which is are pregnancy worries the second time around any different from the first? When i mentioned weight worries, i meant that i know it is usually more an issue for the first kid. You have all confirmed it! Having had 2 and even 5 kids, i can see weight isn’t an issue at all anymore! (so comforting)

But what about finances, housework? Do these things become areas of contention more than the first time? Ya, men can be elated to have 10 kids, but are they as helpful to massage your feet and back as they did when you carried their firstborn? What is the general experience on this? I know men are not all the same, but generally – i have lived long enough with one and chatted enough with women from other marriages to know that they can be quite similar across the board in many areas. It’s so freaky to agree for a second one and then have him suddenly get too busy at work to help as much as you thought he would… more than one mom i know is wondering how to have a second one when their hubbies can’t seem to get their act together even for the first one!


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