The MMR doubts expressed by mothers – Pt 2

As said earlier, those reports of autism has not been proven so, rest assured that it is safe to go ahead with the vacine. They have done a lot of research on the combined MMR vacines so , it is safe-lah! After all, isn’t it better? The kids don’t have to suffer 3X! Yes, when […]

Vaccination – Malaysia vaccination schedule

This article is prepared by Lilian with medical references provided by Dr Cheang Hon Kit, Consultant Paediatrician/Neonatalogist of a private hospital in Penang. Vaccination This topic is popular in our forum at MyMomsBest under Childcare. Questions asked includes: * What is the recommended vaccination schedule? The below is a guideline from a private hospital. There […]

3 steps to breastfeeding – Pt 2

Feed Early – * Within half hour of birth, in the Labour Ward * First feed lasts for 10-20 minutes. First day baby feeds 5-6 times a day Feed Frequently * Room in with baby while in Hospital * From 2nd day, baby feeds about 1.5 to 2 hourly * Baby feeds about 10-12 times […]