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Dec 04

What methods of birth control are suitable during breastfeeding, aside from condoms and withdrawal?

There is the injection method: IM depo provera. Others: Implanon, progestogen (pills only). Normal OCP generally will reduce supply and therefore not recommended. – A lady ob-gyn in KL

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Dec 02

I find it uncomfortable to have sex while I’m still breastfeeding. What I can do about it?

There are medications available to help ease off the feelings of anxiety, inadequacy. The most important thing is to allow someone else to look after the baby for a night or two, so that mom can sleep or for mum to take some light sedatives, all of which can be obtained from the doctor. Things like EPO will only help marginally. If a mum is getting up to breast-feed many times a night, then maybe expressing the milk and having someone else give it to the baby will help.

I am also not surprised by the questions of vaginal dryness during breastfeeding as the oestrogen levels fall during breastfeeding. Therefore the vagina and vulva becomes thin, inelastic and dry. Application of oestrogen cream to the area will help. Generally, application of this cream every night for one week, then two to three times a week will solve the problem throughout the breastfeeding period without affecting milk supply. Generally things become better once the periods become regular again. By the way, milk supply should not be reduced by the return of the periods. – A lady ob-gyn in KL

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