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Nov 28

What do I do if my child has a suspected head injury?

I got this flyer from my paed’s office about head injuries. The hospital has a neuro-surgeon, paed surgeon and 3 paeds. So, they often get references for head injuries. Here goes:

See the doctor immediately if your child hurts his or her head and shows any of the following signs and symptoms:
1. Nausea and vomiting
2. Inconsolable cry and irritable
3. Fluid/blood draining from ears or nose
4. Increasingly severe headache
5. Weakness or numbness of body
6. Difficulty in walking or talking
7. Drowsiness
8. Confusion or unusual behaviour
9. Fits

According to my paed, normal falls rarely cause blood clots. If there is blood clot present, the first thing they suspect is child abuse because it takes a very hard trauma direct to the head to result in blood-clots. Unless of course, falling from very high places, which will result in very nasty knocks. (Do you all remember I mentioned about the 4 year old boy who fell down 4 floors and died while his dad was carrying him? They were walking along the corridor and the boy was very boisterous and the dad lost his hold.)

Once I shared a room with a mom whose 2-3 year old son was in a coma. The doctor told her he is blind and handicapped but miraculously, he recovered after surgery. The parents insisted the boy got the injuries (several clots) from falls sustained while at the babysitter’s (fell off baby walker) but the doctor refused to believe her.

Falls (i.e. hard knocks, injuries) also can result in a fever. It is not due to frazzled nerves but injuries to the body tissues and some other medical explanation. – Lilian