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Apr 13

Back in time, 14 yrs ago in 1990, I had recognised the word meconium and kaput (bump in the baby head due to him pushing, not kaput as the Malaysians reference to death). The moment I heard these two words from the midwife reporting to the ob-gyn, I told my ob-gyn to cut me ASAP. He held my hands, look into my eyes and say ‘Oh Lilian, you are so brave!’ I think this is the very reason ob-gyns prefer to stick to the safer side of cutting rather than waiting, to save their butt from lawsuits. And 2 years later in 1992, while I was trying for VBAC, he did the same hand-holding thingy and probably that’s how the VBAC is successful.

Oops, you can’t find my ob-gyn anywhere in Malaysia ‘cos he is an American missionary doctor who travels the world, serving God. BTW I named my eldest son, Jeffrey after him!

I’ve just been reading through and my gosh – how ignorant am i! I had an emergency c-section, but i think it was valid anyway – dds heartbeat was going down fast . I mean, my doc waited for me to dilate and didn’t even suggest the c-section, but i was induced and between 5 am to 3 pm – i had zero intake of food or water. I just read another mom saying you can bring sandwiches as a light snack or drink lucozade while waiting for active labour. Really??
They allow that here? I ended up having really low blood sugar and could not even hold my girl when she was born – i was shaking uncontrollably for at least 4-5 hours after the birth.

I do want to try for VBAC for my next one (i have to conceive the second one first – but that’s another story) and i guess i should get updated about what’s possible and what’s not possible here to avoid the same disappointment as the first time(due to my big fat ignorance).