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Nov 03

I used to set my alarm @ 3am so that I can wake Abhijay up to take him to pee. I find that with boys they tend to have accidents even when they r older. Abhijay still has his accidents every now & then. Since he sleeps in his own room & I tell him to wash & change himself (I keep a set of his PJ near his bed). If the bed is wet I told him to go & sleep in the guest room. I don’t want him to come & disturb the others who r sleeping as I have to wake up @ 4.45am.

Good Luck!
Sheela SAHM
I let it come naturally with Nico, i.e., he wore diapers to bed even though he stayed dry thru the night, and I let him tell me when he was ready to go without diapers. That happened when he was about 3. The minor accidents he’s had can be counted in one hand and he usually knows how to wake to go to the toilet when necessary, usually that happens when he’s downed a lot of water right before going to bed.
Karen, mum to Nicodemus (2/1998) and Ethan (6/2002)

With my kids, I have the ‘magic sarong’. They wear pampers till an age when they can put it on themselves and until the tape no longer stick (and we use masking tape) ‘cos the diaper is just a security for them. I think it is about 4-5 years old. BTW, girls learnt faster than boys where toilet-training is concerned. Divert a little – toilet-trained is not the same as timing-trained. I will never grill and drill my kids to be ‘accident free’ and but prefer to slave myself with the puddle of water or the glob on the diaper. Kids then have one less stress to deal with. And moms won’t get so many wrinkles, either.

Ok, by a certain age, there is no fixed age, I suppose ‘cos different kids have different habits, they will go on for many, many nights without wetting a diaper and yet, they insist on wearing it. It is not a nice thing to wake up in the middle of the night getting all wet, so they are rather careful to avoid that. Then I will move on to the magic sarong. It is actually a child’s size kain pelikat (the Malay man sarong) I bought from Trengganu. I told them if they wear the sarong over their PJs, like papa, then they will not wee-wee. And yup, they believe that and then graduated from pampers.

I think bedwetting is a sign of stress and sometime, having drunk too much before bedtime also. I personally have nightmares during pregnancies when I can’t find a toilet, or the toilet door won’t lock, or the toilet too dirty and I will be searching and searching for a toilet. Oh,how I hate those dreams! Luckily, I never find a nice toilet or I would pee in my sleep too!

Conclusion – live with the wee and the pee and don’t stress oneself too much over it and especially don’t make it an issue with small kids and toddlers. After all, how much does one piece of disposable diaper cost? Only less than 50 sen.
Lilian (co-owner, moderator and mom of 5)