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Oct 15

According to my child’s schedule, the MMR is a one time jab which consist of Mumps, Measles and Rubella (German Measles). Usually this vaccine comes in a glass nebsules and only one injection.

For MMR, the recommended age to jab is between 12 – 15 mths. Most hospitals recommend 15 months.

At 5 yrs old, a child has to be jabbed again a booster dose. After that, no more jabs. So, MMR is a one dose jab.

But a majority of children weren’t given the MMR when they were small and there is a risk of an outbreak. Thus, the Government is paying millions of ringgit to get every child jab.

Right now, my two older children, age 14 yrs and 12 yrs are going to get another jab because I cannot prove to the Government Healthcare that I had given them the jab when they were 5 yrs old. My paed told me that at their age, they can take another booster dose.

From the pattern found in the UK (paed said) bigger children contract measles. Not because the jab earlier was ineffective but probably, the virus has gotten smarter.

As for taking separate jabs of MMR, I cannot fathom the wisdom behind it. Firstly, the vaccine producer made them in one shot. It saves our babies the pain of 3 jabs. Secondly, MMR has been MMR and not M, M and R. All 3 of these infections have their own danger. Measles if not treated early can lead to death. Mumps sometime affects the testicles of male children. Rubella – it is deadly to fetus.

Previously, the risk of MMR was because they used mercury/thimoresal as the preservative in the vaccine. But now, it has been phased out. It is wise to ask your doctor about this and also find out the name of company manufacturing the vaccine. As I know, there are good and expensive drugs and there are cheaper alternatives. So, also good to find out whether one is getting the latest and best one available.

I heard that MMR is available free in district clinic too.

My paediatrician has provided a link for further readings on the MMR issue.