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Oct 11

This section is a compilation of the views from the mothers regarding immunisation. Note that these information are provided by the mothers and thus, the facts may not be 100% accurate. Name of members have been intentionally left out.

The MMR ‘debate’ : MyMomsBest is an informed parenting website. It respects and supports the medical advices and recommendations from the Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (Malaysian Health Ministry) and the local medical professionals. However, MyMomsBest is aware that there are many parents who are unsure of giving their child protection against Mumps, Measles and Rubella (MMR) because of the media exposure. Therefore, MyMomsBest hopes to present here some of the members’ opinions.

Opinion against giving their children MMR includes:

My GP said you can do it in three seperate doses if you are concerned abt having so many “doses” in one shot. I feel that THREE vaccinations in one is a lot for a young one,and now they r talking abt booster shots. if your doc can split them up so much the better. I also think that it is normal childhood disease, measles, mumps etc. Rubella is if the mother is exposed when pregnant. I dont know why we need to vaccinate, kids STILL get the illness *Shrug* The other vaccinations are fine. I guess it depends on your comfort level.

(Note: It is understood that there is no known suppliers of separate vaccines of M, M and R. Accuracy of the above information is uncertain)
Majority of members have done extensive readings and share here their respective paediatricians’ advices. The following are what some mothers have to say.