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Aug 09

experience regarding tandem nursing…

After finding out I’m pregnant last Feb,…the first thing that strike my mind is…could I make it …I mean..would I be able to bf my son until he’s 2 years old…??? it’s bcoz from the first day he was born I’m determine to give bm till he’s 2 years of age. The reason for me to have such determination despite any probs. that might occur during this 2 years because… my religion (Islam) strongly recommend bfg until the age of 2. This fact is also supported by researchers of science..and I’m pretty sure all of you gals know that bm is the best milk for our matter how
good is the formula ..still is the number 1.It’s also proven that children that drink bm is much brighter then those who depend on the fomula eversince they were born.

Now..that’s the 1st question that arise..So..what’s the 2nd question..? bet..the big question is …would my bm sufficient for my son? Does he get enough nutrition from his mummy’s bm(even though there’s his little bro/sis inside his mummy’s womb) ?…you sure bet these are not the only question that lingers in my mind…coz… more question pop up in my mind…the statement that says “it could effect the baby in the womb of a mother that bf during her pregnancy” did make me worried.So..without much hesitation..I decided to consult my doc and
also my fellow friends (luckily, I’ve a number of friends that are docs)…They said that it’s no harm if you still bf your child during your pregnancy at a certain limit of time..The only thing is that…make sure you stop by the time you’re 7 months pregant. This is bcoz..if you continue to bf after you’re 7 months pregnant..the bm would not be suitable for your newborn…in a nutshell….let the bm take a few months to prepares itself for the newborn without any disturbances.

Pregnancy did reduce my bm quantity.But..never long as I
still could give bm to my son till he’s tummy is full..that’s not a big deal…So now I hope that my explaination had satisfied all those big question marks in your mind…Last but not least..continue this meaningful corresponding and sharing experince as a mother…coz as you know…being a mother is a special gift from god to us that couln’t be replaced by any precious gift in the entire world… :)))) (Husna)