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Jul 07

You know what, I bought the 1.5 x 12″ ice cream bags and I find that I can’t really handle them either. a lot of my ebm actually ends up on the kitchen top. So, I went and buy the 4″ x 8″ instead. It is working very well for me now. Well, I am staying in a small town here in Nibong tebal, so most mini markets here have these little bags.

Here’s what one mom who is on a working trip shared about her experience in a hotel’s in Bangkok, where she expressed and stored her milk in the hotel kitchen’s freezer (*if one is using the room minibar, be careful to check that the freezer temperature is cold enough to freeze the milk):

BTW, so funny this morning. I went to the hotel’s freezer to add more ebm (I am currently travelling – thanks to Siaw Fui’s tips). Though I don’t understand Thai, but I heard the chefs/staff whispering (wondering what is on the tray): “xxxx ice-cream xxxx toufu xxx ice-cream…”. Thanks to the ice-cream bag, comes the association with ice-cream!!!
They laughed even more when I told them those are frozen ebm.

Fei Ru