Spicy food recipe – Sambal ikan bilis

Sambal ikan bilis – Lyza,

4-7 Large Onions (Slice thinly-julienne)
Garlic (sometimes I omit, in fact I almost never put coz malas)
Chili (amount depends on how hot u like it to be. Caution- dried chillies from Tesco are MEGA hot !!!))
3 stalks Serai ( crush serai head )
Tamarind juice
A dash of MSG (optional)
Ikan bilis(option: to fry ikan bilis first, I don’t)

Oil (Not too little other wise chili won’t cook properly and will leave an unpleasant taste)
Saute onions (lots and lots of it) in frying pan until golden brown.
Add chili.
Fry/cook the chili until “pecah minyak” ie. until the oil and chili separates and cooked thoroughly – very important. No short cuts for this. Do not worry about excess oil at this point.
Then, add tamarind juice, serai, ikan bilis (use just enough – if too much ikan bilis, sambal will dissappear), MSG, salt and sugar (lots if you like sweet yummy sambal).
Taste and adjust until u r satisfied with the taste.
Before serving, throw away excess oil.

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