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Mar 25

Nasi Lemak – Lyza

Medium sized rice cooker (can scale down the recipe)

4 cups of rice
1 onion sliced thinly
1 inch of ginger (crushed slightly)
7 long leaves of daun pandan
1 small box of santan (no time to perah kelapa) but please do not use the powdered version.
Fenugreek/halba – optional (but definitely smells and tastes better)
1 tsp or so of sugar
salt to taste
water … (best measure of liquid needed is to use your index finger no matter what shape and how big your rice pot is the principal is the same. For NL, the best measure is to place the tip of your index finger on top of the rice and the liquid should reach the second marking/level/line of your index finger. (if index finger long/short ???? agak-agakler).

Switch on your rice cooker and let it cook. If the rice is undercooked, fear not. Scoop the rice out and put it in the steamer … steam until fluffy … task accomplished.