Spicy food recipe – Gulai lemak cili api

Gulai lemak cili api from Negeri Sembilan – Hanz

1. Lots of cili padi
2. Kunyit
3. Santan (coconut milk)
4. Asam keping / Asam jawa

* No bawang (onion)

My mom likes to simmer the main dish like fish, chicken, meat & seafood 1st b4 putting santan. Mom always keep a homemade blended mixture of chillies, kunyit & [salt (for durability-tahan lama)] ready. So, it’s like when oil has heat-up, the mixture will simmer together with fish/chicken, etc..until fragrance. Reason being, to discard the water & the smell of the raw item. Few minutes later add-in santan & MUST continously stir ‘untuk pecahkan lemak santan’ OR u will get 2 layers of milk & water of the santan separated Asam keping/ asam jawa is to tone down the spiciness & the extra oompph flavour. The gulai must be yellowish in colour, thick milky gravy & milky & spicy & very light sourish & tangy taste – this can be call gulai.

Mom is innovative. Try prawn with pineapple, meat/chicken with potato, fish with asam gelugur/brinjal/’terung pipit’/. Remember that Mom only use onion when want to make gulai ikan bilis (anchovies) with onion.

Have u all eat gulai pisang? Or betik muda? Or umbut kelapa?
(Must be jargon to some, he, he)

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