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May 18

Ladies, about to buy a walker, need yr opinion.

There are many researches showed that baby walker has most accidents rate baby accessories. Many doctors do not recommend it cos it does not help baby to walk but in fact delay this ability. There are news about banning baby walkers in Canada. (fifi)

MMB has made a stand previously that everyone of us should not use walker. More so if our baby is going to be left in the care of another person for a long period of time.

Personally, I base this decision on paed’s stories because some children have ended up with blood clot in the brains due to fall from walker. He has seen cases like these in the hospitals. Sliding around in a walker is not going to make baby learn walking faster but instead hamper it because baby never have the chance to try out his own limbs. And gosh! babies are such curious creatures and if given the freedom to zoom around the house, they are going to get into BIG trouble.

I attended a CPR for infant course conducted by paed who is a certified instructor from the American Academy of Paeds and had been grilled on home accident prevention. Even high chair is not recommended. Or the sarung buaian.

I am not over paranoid but I had been in hospitals long enough to see what kind of horrific accidents can happened even under the closest scrutiny.

So, my vote is NO to walker.