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Mar 10

Spaghetti in cream sauce – Lilian

200 gm bacon or chicken ham

Sliced thinly and fry in olive oil till crispy. Remove the bacon/ham and set aside. Leave oil in pan.

Saute some garlic with the olive oil in the pan. Add a tablespoon of flour and stir. When the flour turned transparent, pour in one box of cream. (can ignore the flour if you don’t have it handy)

(Whipping cream – you can find them in the cold section, in box like UHT milk. Brands like President and those Danish brands, also got Anchor brand. Buy only the small box, cost between RM5-RM7. It is like milk but the fat content is very high. Can substitute with low fat milk but no oomph.)

Add lots of black pepper and salt to taste. Let the cream simmer just a while.

Pour on boiled pasta and sprinkle with bacon.