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Nov 21

I am unsure of the nutrition value in the breast milk after a year. Do I have to supplement with formula milk?

My paediatrician, Dr Cheang, said that after 6 months of age, a baby should be weaned off to solid food and by then, the baby will slowly depend on the solid foods for the nutrients he requires, especially carbohydrates to put on weight and grow.. Mothers should not have any worries about the nutritional value of their breast milk because we have been engineered by nature to produce what our young ones need.

But, if you are worried if your child is not getting enough calcium, iron and Vitamin D (these are the few things lacking in human milk), then see that your child is taking a balanced meal. You can provide yoghurt, milk pudding, cheese and other dairy food. The important thing is, never stop breastfeeding because you thought your milk is not good enough. – Lilian

I’m breastfeeding my child, and now I’m pregnant. Do I stop breastfeeding?

Dr Koe told one of our moms through an email that during pregnancy, the milk is still catered for the older child until a few weeks before delivery of the new baby and your superiorly engineered body will change the milk into colostrum for the baby. As long as you have milk, as long as you want and can nurse and as long as your baby wants milk, your breast milk is still the best of the best! – Lilian