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Nov 17

I’m too busy at work to express properly. What do I do?

If you’re too busy to pump even during lunch time, you can do it before you start work or before you leave for work. You can also pump when you are home feeding your baby, nurse on one side and pump the other. This way you would be able to collect enough milk for next day’s feed. If you are not driving, you can even pump during the car ride. I did that using Ameda pump with the car adaptor when I used to travel in/out from JB/SG – the ride can take up to 2 hours if the causeway is jammed! When you running low in supply, you can pump during the non working days too. But be prepared as your baby will nurse longer to be satisfied. I’m not sure how your office is set up, but there are mothers who put up curtains around their work area so that they can pump while doing their work.

Mothers with more than one child usually have a hard time balancing their time, especially when they need to nurse their baby. I came across a mother who have no help at all, alone at home with a 2 yo and newborn. She is determined to nurse her baby. One of the options given is to use the sling to breastfeed your baby while taking care of the older child. This option is good for her since a newborn tends to cluster-nurse – nurse more frequently. The other option is to get help from other relatives or friends. – Anna Teoh, Mama to Alison (9yo), Audrey (6+yo), Arrick (20 mths).

What is reverse nursing?

Reversed nursing is when baby wakes to nurse more often at night. This usually happens to nursing mothers who are working, as they are not around during the day and direct breastmilk then is limited. It is very important to learn to nurse while lying down. This way both of you would not miss any sleep. – Anna Teoh, Mama to Alison (9yo), Audrey (6+yo), Arrick (20 mths).