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Nov 15

How do I continue breastfeeding when I return to work after confinement?

It is not impossible but takes a lot of planning. During maternity leave, pump out as much as you can and store in the freezer for contingency – in case you could not pump out during office hours or you did not manage to get enough EBM for the next day feed. Not sure if you have two months maternity leave, but if you do, start pumping in the second month to collect and make frozen EBM. When you have a freezer full with frozen EBM, you have less stress keeping up the quota for your child EBM feed. – Anna Teoh, Mama to Alison (9yo), Audrey (6+yo), Arrick (20 mths).

More on successful breastmilk expression and breast-feeding advices from paediatrician/lactation consultant, Dr Koe are available on this site.

What is a good breastmilk expressing schedule?

When you start work, you need a few pumping sessions of about 20 minutes each
(using dual pumps) during office hours. The number of sessions depends on how
much your baby needs during your absence. This you can find out during the last
week of your maternity leave. If with 2 sessions you can get enough EBM,
then spread out your sessions with 2-4 hours in between at least. Normally,
most mothers start with 3 sessions. What I did was, pump when I come in for
work (normally in early), during lunch and at 3-4pm as I prefer to have a
fuller breast when I reach home at 7.30pm to feed my ds. Mothers who work
late will need more pumping sessions. – Anna Teoh, Mama to Alison (9yo), Audrey (6+yo), Arrick (20 mths).