DIY Nursing tops

I have my own self-designed nursing t-shirt.

Anyway, here’s how to do my nursing tee.

(1) Get a cheap t-shirt. I got those RM4.99 tees at GIANT – got mine one white and one black. Get the ones which are a bit body hugging ‘coz you’ll be wearing it underneath your shirt or blouse.

(2) Make 2 slits about 6 inch long about 2 inches away from the sleeves. It’s like at the side of your breasts nearer to your arms. The measurement depends on your McB’s size. As long as it is wide enough to “take them out”. Anyway, even if you ruined it, it’s only a RM4.99 shirt! Also, don’t make the slits on top of your breast ‘coz it’ll gape open.

(3) To avoid spraying of the ends, sew those bias tape (can get at sewing shops for 50sen) of the same colour as your shirt.

(4) Sew buttons (I use those small metal ones – dunno what it’s call) about half way along the slit. You can also use velcro – the idea is to use something that is easy to undo.

(5) Wear this tee underneath your normal blouse or shirt or even get a matching coloured cardigan to wear on top. To feed, just unbutton your top, undo the button at the side of your tee and voila! Discreet nursing for you!!

I am also thinking of getting one of those tank tops to do this too as it is much cooler.

Have fun trying! All in all – spent less than RM10 per t-shirt. The stitches don’t need to be so tidy lah… after all, you’re gonna wear it underneath your clothes. (Lily)

Thanks a bunch for the instruction on the DIY project. Sounds very easy to make leh Actually I learned from the net and also DEE at Msianursingmom you can also make your own nursing tee per Lily’s instruction, then get a nicely printed fabric eg. batik / other decorative fabric, cut into square, and fix it over the shirt, so that it’s like an overlay for the tee.

Just estimate the length from abt above chest area all the way to tee’s end. Width is both seams of the tee. Next, sew the upper portion of square onto the tee at above chest. Then, sew one small bottom each on both sides of the square, one left and one right near tummy area to hold the fabric cover in place. When you need to nurse, just unbutton the side you want to nurse and nurse easily while the printed overlay cover your MCb discreetly. (Sze)
Loose clothing works better. tee-shirts fine too. You can have a diy nursing attire. wear a closer fit top (eg.tank top) and wear a loose shirt (buttoned or unbuttoned) over. then just unbutton the lower few buttons of shirt, lift up your tank and feed. your loose shirt will give some coverage for exposed tummy and boobs, and baby will cover the rest of your exposed tummy. (Audrey)

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