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Apr 15

I did not confine myself through the traditional 30 days (for Chinese). In fact, I went out to do some groceries 12 days post natal, wearing only T-shirt and short. And I showered my hair 3 days post natal. Actually this is not a proud thing to do because I experienced severe migraine which I have never experienced before. I have to take ponstan (pain killer) and MIL claimed that my head “masuk angin” because of the shower. And now, I can’t wear high heel because both of my calves would feel very “sour”.

Of course, I have heard of so many of my friends who have never practised the traditional confinement and yet they are so sihat and kuat!! Guess each individual would react differently, huh?!

What I am thinking now is I should have strictly followed the confinement “rules & regulations”. Better to “suffer” now than to be sorry later in life.

Yek Nee.


Reader's Comments

  1. Adele | 8th July 2007 at 8:53 am

    I’ve got two kids and I never followed a single confinement practice. I’m chinese. I don’t stay at home the whole 30 days but I do stay at home more than normal during that period. I do eat confinement food though. I washed my hair and bathed at the hospital the day after I delivered. Felt icky with all that dried blood on my legs. I however, made sure I blow dried my hair after each wash which was daily.
    My MIL told me not to touch tap water but I continued to do so as I had to bath my 2nd child myself from the 3rd day on. So far, I’m fine. No migraines, no aching fingers or bones except for a backache I get once a year due to an existing back injury. I guess it’s all up to each individual in what they believe in.

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