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Dec 23

HERBY OMELLETE (another Christina’s creation)

The following herbs are all fantastic fried in omellete. Kunyit, cekor, sweet basil (selasih), ‘heah’ (a kind of herb that sounds like ants in Hokkien), mint/daun pudina leaves.

Take a bunch of any one type of the above herbs. For kunyit and cekor leaves, cut into small pieces. For mint or sweet basil, no need to cut them up.Break two eggs, season with a little salt & pepper. Add the herbs and make an omellete.

Dried chillies with shark meat (another Christina’s speciality)

Regarding shark meat, I love it cooked “koong poh” – fried with dried chillies or fried with young ginger slices and spring onions (keong choong). Can marinade the fish and add to porridge like when you’re cooking with other fish fillet. The bones, I’ll boil it with ginger slices and goes with my rice. Normally, I’ll get baby shark and it is not easily available.

Ingredients (suggested by Lilian)

1 kati (500 gm) shark meat or chicken or vegetarian kidney/squid, cut into cubes

6 dried chillies, 2 onions quartered, ginger slices, – Heat oil and saute the ingredients

Add meat/shark/whatever, add sauce below

Sauce – 3 tablespoons thick soya sauce, 2 tblspn light soya sauce, 2 tbl sugar, 1 tbl oyster sauce (optional) mixed with 5 tbl water and 1 teaspoon cornflour.

You can find more recipes for Chinese confinement foods on this blog.

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