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Aug 05

7. Pigeon Brand Pump


…bad experience with it cause I find it hurts my areola (the suction pressure is too high) and moreover i need to press the release button. So imagine you need to squeeze-press, squeeze-press for ages… so mahuan thus chuck it aside after 3 times…(Mei Shi – mum to min lynn 1/8/2003)

8. Tollyjoy, battery operated

…Comes with nipple stimulator (took it out cause of the sore nipples), there are about three-four parts…
…it was about RM60 or so from what I remember. It worked great for me whenever I did pump, maybe 5-7oz per boob per sitting (in about 10mins) when was at my “peak” of breastfeeding…
…Pros: Small, compact and great suction, managed to get a lot from them. And it’s lasted!!…
…Cons: You had to jiggle it after a while for it to work, batteries don’t last long so I used an ac/dc adapter… (Lia, mum to twin toddler terrors Jamie n Josh)

9. Tommee Tippee battery operated


…It works OK in terms of getting EBM but I found it quite painful even after operating it many times. An advantage is that it has 2 sizes of nipple stimulators. I felt that there would be something better out there though as the suction does not copy baby sucking at all (even though it is advertised as such)… (Patricia, mom to Tia 28/09/2003)