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Jul 11

2 days ago in my paed’s clinic, I was feeding Eugene discreetly at a corner, and a couple just walked by, the woman saw that I was feeding my baby and she told the hubby in Mandarin, “don’t look at that woman”, and immediately the hubby looked at me and said, “oh…”, and the wife was mad and said again: “I told you not to look at her!”. And me, I just pretend that nothing had happened. I bet that the hubby would not even notice or bother to look if she had not stopped him.

And this morning, when I brought Eugene to the park, there were an Indian couple with their lovely baby boy. I was breastfeeding Eugene, both of them just approached me and talked to me courteously about the goodness of breastfeeding, and she regretted that she did not, and now the child has lots of problem, and they have to keep on switching milk powder from lactose free to soy based, etc… They are so nice and friendly, and I’m sure my breastfeeding act did not turn the husband on, and I’m sure that the wife has not thought about it at all. It depends on the individual’s perception. (Vivi)

I am not taking sides on whether it is preferable to bfg in public or not. I have done both, many times. I do sometimes got a bit uneasy by moms who just flip open their shirts, sometimes exposing unnecessary part of their body while bfg (I know I am about to be attacked by this statement). But I do believe that bfg is an art. It is not to be done so robustly. It should be done gently, with loving, care & beautifully. I always find that mothers who bfg to look so beautiful & serene while bfg, even when they r bfg in a large crowd. Contented. That’s the word.

(I – an adoptive breastfeeding mom)

I would normally avoid BF in public. If I go shopping and had to bring the baby, I would BF him in the car … make sure he is full before reaching the mall. It’s not so much I “malu”, just felt not so comfy to BF when everyone is staring at you. Some more my baby don’t like to hide under my shirt … he wants open air. Sometimes when having dinner outside and baby wants to BF, I would just move to an empty table, BF baby as though I’m putting baby to sleep.

when i go for meals outside…. i usually pick restaurant /decent place so i don’t receive too obvious stares. imagine lifting your shirt in busy hawker place
otherwise, usually people will be amaze but they will be too shy to even look… in fact i think they will turn away in embarrassment. i know we don’t care but after a while they will get used to it. when choosing a place to sit, good idea to sit at the corner or near the wall so when you need to BF, just turn to face the wall to latch her and then i think it’s ok to turn back once her mouth is covering the nipple. i do that all the time and i don’t have problems.
i thought my dad was alright but once when had to attend wedding dinner, he told me not to bring daughter cos not nice BF,,,, i suppose sometimes have to be understanding too
my DH also quiet embarrassed initially and insist we bring the bottle with breast milk/ formula but my daughter just couldn’t wait…so out came the breast… now he is more used to it.
when they ask whether i have enough, i usually reply plenty and also enough to make milo for DH to drink too. ( ps i don’t have plenty but enough to shut them up)

good luck…don’t worry what other say,,, but you need to persevere