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Jul 09

Breastfeeding in Public

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Review on nursing rooms available in Kuala Lumpur.

In a poll conducted through our forum, 86% from total 30 members voted support breastfeeding in public whereas 13% voted no. (This 13% actually prefer – “will only breastfeed in public if there is really no option of a nursing room”)

Read our members’ opinions, experiences, tips and some anecdotes about this issue. There are even tips on how to make your own nursing tops.

I love watching women breastfeeding their babies. When I catch sight of one in public (nowadays pretty hard coz moms are so clever at doing it discreetly), I feel warm and fuzzy thinking of those old days when J. had a “public breastfeeding” period.
It makes me sad that a lot of women still bf in toilets. (Nina)

Eeeee…..bfg in toilet!!! I never done that…..imagine we eating in the toilet (just my personal view & no offence to others). – Jessie

Boobs are for food; what’s embarrassing about that? Cows MOO in public!

I think the more women see other women breastfeeding (and where else but in public?) the more they will also be encouraged to breastfeed. We can make it fashionable!
Jen (Canadian expat in Melaka)

In Australia, the Aussies breastfeed anywhere and everywhere. Got breastfeeding rooms everywhere. I think M’sian not so open minded.
val… (Msian staying in Australia)

The number of times I have bf in public can be counted on two hands. Would only do it if no other option and in that case always tried to find a quiet place. Always felt quite awkward, I guess partly because I am a guest in Malaysia and like to respect any local values. Having said that, also with other Westerners I still prefer to bf in private. (P, an expat in Penang)

I have since learned that malaysians are generally starting to accept BFG and many of them, you’d be surprised, would only give you thumbs up for bfg, especially becoz we Chinese rarely BF more than one month. I’m even feeling kinda proud to breastfeed a toddler in the public. I’d never give ’em a damn for trying to feed my hungry child. Hope we will all be very “boleh” in this matter. (Sze)