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Jun 08


Caution: These recommendations are from mothers who had tried and tested the food/drinks. Remember that these are for nursing mother. Pregnant mothers are advised NOT to consume these recommendations as some may not be suitable for your pregnancy.

First of all, every mother must bear in mind that her milk supply is always adequate for the baby if she nurses often and regularly. On the first few days, the milk quantity may be slow but it will pick up gradually as you nurse. If you are worried, do check with your respective lactation consultant, breast-feeding counsellor, paediatrician, mid-wives and even the district clinic bidan who makes house-calls. (At least where I come from, Penang, the nurses from the Govt. clinic will pop in to my house to visit me.) All the women who have succeeded in breast-feeding their babies will have one very important advice “DO NOT LISTEN TO ANYONE WHO TELLS YOU THAT YOU ARE NOT CAPABLE OF SUPPLYING ENOUGH MILK.” We know that you will be having a host of senior relatives, old friends, clueless women who will keep harping to you that your baby is fussing because you are starving him! Baby cries for several reasons and he/she will nurse if he/she is hungry.

Anyway, on this page we are giving out some of the methods, recipes, tricks, tips about how to increase your milk quantity. Many working mothers who went back to work after their maternity leave will inevitably notice the reduction/increase of the quantity of milk they expressed. I must tell you a funny observation I made through this group of nursing mothers in our group. If we are given a choice of ‘How to increase your money’ and ‘How to increase your milk’, I bet that all the women will run for the milk over the money. This is how deep our obsession over milk quantity is. (Lilian)


Reader's Comments

  1. emmommydoula | 5th September 2009 at 7:24 pm

    Just a brief note. Thank you for the suggestions on how to increase milk supply. However, your statement that every mother’s milk supply is adequete if she nurses often and regularly is just not true. There are many women who for one reason or another (adoption, breast surgery, insufficient glandular tissue)will have issues which effect a mothers milk supply. While your statement is usually true, it is not the case for EVERY woman. Thanks for your future consideration.