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Jun 10


Here are some real-life experiences:

From Nazreen, a Malaysian staying abroad:

I can relate to the “expressing under any condition” experience. When I returned to work after Suraiya, I had to express in this room, which was very big, but extremely unhygienic as it was the tool/junk room. I took as much care as possible but I too had the same thoughts – my EBM will kill off any germs! I was on the 4th floor and this room was on the ground floor and getting to it (with a rucksack filled with the “kit”) always brought on quite a few stares. I was very malu intially, especially
when using the breast-pump – use to try everything to minimise the sound. Things were much better after Zulaikha – had better facilities – used the first aid room. And also by this time, I had developed buffalo hide and was not bother about noise etc.

Expressing at the office once during day time. Always see pumping session as my solitude from busy office environment and a good hideout from my boss too. Doing that in office prayer room. Have been flashing my McB to most of lady collegues in the prayer room, even the single ones! Right Faz? the good thing is that, we have even inspired the mother-to-bes to follow our steps. (Fiz)