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Jun 12

I’m a mother of a 15 months old toddler, Beatrisya. I’m a full-time working mom and also pursuing a postgraduate course. Beatrisya was exclusively on the bm for the first 9 months. Attempt to wean her slowly off the breast, so that I can plan for the second one very soon. As for myself, pumping at work, worrying about supply etc, etc was a lonely journey with only “” to turn to. That’s why I was so excited when I read Lilian’s article in the Star on that one fine day in January…even more excited when she replied my email the next day, telling that one obsessed bf mom would set up the group. Hats off to both Lilian and Sze Sze and all the other moo-mies who make this group a “happening” (strongly agree with Hafizah!) (Ros, a working and study mom)

Be an ambassador to promote BFG as your colleagues may feel awkward abt seeing your milk in the refrigerator. I once reassured a senior male manager who apologised for bumping into me taking my milk out from the refrigerator that there was nothing to be sorry abt becoz I felt perfectly normal to be able to “nurse” my baby when I’m away for work. Who knows, later your management might be pressed to prepare a lactation room becoz so many female staff pump in the office! (Sze Sze)

For the moo-mies who had just returned to work after maternity leave, it sure looks depressing because we can see the quantity of milk produced when you expressed in the office and thus starting to feel ‘inadequate’. Remember that the milk quantity naturally drops because of a new routine in your life. It will and can pick up once you are used to the new routine of expressing at work and nursing at home. (Lilian)

I expressed through a simple Pureen breast pump until my baby was 5.5 mths old. So all those out there who cannot breastfeed but can pump – go ahead. It’s still OK, as long as the baby is having breastmilk. (Topaz)

I pump in the store room of my office. I sterilise the table, bring in one of the office chairs and this place has been my little hut for dairy production! 😉 when I have to be stationed in a new place, say a hotel, I ask for a small room and I’ve once park my car near a corner and conduct my biz there! (Sze Sze)

Your expressed milk can be kept at indoor air-con room temperature for 10 hours without refrigerating becoz it’s full of active antibodies which would fight off any bacteria found in the milk, so it’s still safe to keep it in a cooler filled with ice or even no ice for abt 10 hours. You can store your frozen milk (those you pump before returning work or on weekends) for 6 months in a freezer compartment and store refrigerated milk in the refrigerator for 24 hours. (Sze Sze)

I believe you CAN add fresh breastmilk to previously expressed chilled breastmilk within a 24 hour period, no problem. I know Lai Yin and I both keep our pump on the go for the day, topping up until we’ve got as much as we want, then wash and sterilize it at the end of the day. But you can NOT add fresh breastmilk to already FROZEN breastmilk (Jen)