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Aug 07



Breast-feeding is a loving, enjoyable and rewarding experience. The rewards of bonding with your baby is immeasurable and though the initial attempts may be frustrating or even painful you will definitely feel proud and satisfied when you succeeded. Below are some real life experiences and tips contributed by the support group members. We hope you are inspired by their determination but at the same time, know that though you may not get it right in the first few attempts, it is o.k. too! What is important is that you see breast-feeding as something that you love and enjoy doing and not something you felt pressured to ‘perform’. Many of us made a lot of blunders and are made to feel that we are ‘inadequate’ in providing breast-milk to our babies. But you can always seek help!

Expressed breast milk (EBM) baby – I only make a serious attempt at breast-feeding when I have my 5th son! But even that, I still fail to nurse him direct but that did not deter me from giving him my breast-milk. I express my milk and bottle feed him. Not a very good choice but it is the best I can do. Still my baby Matthew has been fed fully EBM on most days right up to 4 months and my target is over 6 months- Lilian

Momma to a 16 mth old son, Wafiq. Full time working as an accountant. Once a skeptical mom about BFG has successfully breastfed the son exclusively for 1 year,still nursing him and intends to prolong the period until having the second child. Religiously followed all BFG mantras. Still pumping at the office and seeing the session as a ritual not to be missed. Wish to see more mommies breastfeed their babies and one day BFG will become a norm to every mummy escpecially in Malaysia. Healthy diet and lifestyle should start from a very young age, as young as newborn! Therefore every mama should be the one who should start this on their lil ones! – Hafizah