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Sep 07

Baby has enough milk if

* He is contented for 1-2 hours after a feed
* He passes clear dilute urine 5-6 times a day
* He passes bright yellow watery stools 6-8 times a day
* He puts on at least 20 grams of body weight a day
* He regains birth weight after 2 weeks

Breast milk supply can be increased by

* Frequent feeds day and night
* Allowing unlimited breastfeeding to satisfy baby’s suckling needs
* Mother to eat and drink sufficient quantities to satisfy her hunger and thirst
* Cultural foods like ginger and rice wine are compatible with breastfeeding

Breast Engorgement

* Apply cold wet compresses over the breast to reduce swellings
* Feed frequently 2-3 hourly round the clock. Safe to take 2 Panadols for pain