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Sep 03

Information courtesy of Dr S.L. Koe, Paediatrician & Lactation Consultant. Tel. no. : 03-798 30539)

3 Steps to Breastfeeding

Dear Parents,

The information given here will help the mother to breastfeed successfully. The supportive role of the father is of utmost importance. The mother needs support and encouragement from him and grandmothers to build up the confidence that she has enough milk. Having enough information prevents breastfeeding problems and crises and provides the solutions to these should they arise. The baby can be breastfed completely for 6 months, thereafter solids are given together with breastfeeding to 2 years and beyond.

The Art of Successful Breastfeeding


Successful Breastfeeding depends on

1. Having enough information on normal breastfeeding
2. Having support from knowledgeable Medical staff in the Maternity Unit and Family members
3. Having a Positive and Confident attitude that it can be done

Breastfeeding Benefits to the Child

1. This provides the best possible nutrition to the young child
2. It reduces the incidence of coughs and colds, ear infections, bronchitis, pneumonia, meningitis and diarrhoea through its protective factors.
3. It protects the child from colic, asthma, eczema, nose and food allergies
4. It is essential for the optimal physical, emotional and mental development of the child. Breastfed children are also smarter

Breastfeeding Benefits to the Mother

1. This promotes mother and child bonding
2. It prevents uterine bleeding in the mother after delivery
3. This is a natural form of Family Planning
4. This reduces the risk of breast and ovarian cancer in the mother
5. This saves time and precious expenses need not be used for buying milk powder and health care.