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Jun 18

Hand Expressing: I use a bigger size bottle, with a wide mouth. Found the normal bottle too small for my nipple. Milk tends to spray all over. Use my left hand to press, right hand to catch the milk. Thumb on the upper part, the rest of the fingers at the lower part. The angle between thumb and fingers is like a clock at 6 pm. Get it? Top and bottom. When you move, also at that angle. You can go clock-wise or counter clock-wise but the angle remains the same -opposite. Never cubit yourself. All my jari-jari NEVER move on the surface of the skin. You can get skin burn if you do that. Get a firm hold and gently squeeze to the nipple area. Don’t expect milk to start flowing immediately. NEVER also squeeze on the aerola. This area is very sensitive. Once the milk flows, it really flows because they are forced out instead of being suck out. I had noticed that I get 3 gushes of milk (in an interval of about 10 mins) each time I express. The milk will flow but when you get the gushes, you can feel the breast firm up again and the milk flows more. (Lilian)

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Jun 16

This is how I do (to) save space for storing expressed breast milk in the freezer and also to avoid spillage when transfer to the bottle… After pumping, … I put EBM in plastic ice cube trays and after that transfer the frozen cubes into a zip bag. … It makes life easier for the child minder as it thaws quickly, and it’s easy to add an ounce or two more on hungry days … I also numbered them so as to keep track of the stocks! I have in each zipper bag 10 cubes of EBM (about 4 oz.) expressed on the same time. (Geok Hong)

You will need these for successful pumping in the workplace:

1. Breastpump
2. Breastshell -keep those precious milk which let down when you are pumping from the other!
3. Face towel – to clean the desk / your outfit
4. 2 or 4 bottles of empty milk bottles depending how much you want to store per bottle
5. cooler box (you will probably receive a few from those baby hampers)
6. washing / sterilising equipment
(Sze Sze)

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Jun 14

Design Advantage

Cowhide dining chairs provide a look that compliments homes with a wide variety of aesthetics. Equally elegant in a classic rustic country cottage as an eclectic modern city bungalow; cowhide is a material at the forefront of current trends, prized for its natural softness and durability. Modern designers praise cowhide dining chairs for the combinations of textures, a trend only growing in popularity. They also find it pairs easily with a wide variety of wall decor. Professionals aren’t the only ones that are looking to cowhide for an innovative, modern solution in any home. Everyone finds a lot to love in cowhide, decorators for the unlimited combinations possible with cowhide pieces, while customers never stop finding new reasons to appreciate their cowhide purchases. Cowhide dining chairs are amazing and unique for their ability to tie a room together with sophistication, quirkiness, or even charming natural simplicity. Providing whatever the room needs to complete its look.


The benefits of cowhide aren’t limited to design considerations; cowhide furniture represents a great long term investment for the buyer. Cowhide dining chairs, for example, can last a literal lifetime with minimal care. This material is easily cleaned without the need for any special consideration beyond standard cleaning supplies. Being leather, a buyer is hard-pressed to find any options for furnishings that provide the beauty, durability and texture of cowhide furniture. The charms of cowhide are easy to see.No two are quite the same thanks to the natural variety of patterns on a cowhide . Sometimes a room calls that lack of uniformity. A quality supplied readily with cowhide furniture.

Naturally Hypo-Allergenic

Often, a customer’s needs don’t stop at style and functionality. Many families deal with environmental allergies or sensitivity to dust in the air. For these families there is no need to look further than cowhide. Rather than being limited to hard, smooth materials and bland textures, customers with special considerations can turn to the cowhide. Whatever a person may need, there is a beautiful cowhide option. Rugs, wall art, couches, bedroom sets, cowhide dining chairs and more. Cowhide is a great solution for nearly any buyer.
Cowhide is a hypo-allergenic material with unmatched natural beauty. One of the most wonderful qualities of cowhide is it’s very nature as an organic, timeless material.

Evergreen Style

Modern designers often require materials that will respect fresh ideas while bringing to mind traditional, handmade methods of construction. Cowhide pieces impart a perception of quality hard to find otherwise. A person may be pairing a set of cowhide dining chairs with a new rustic kitchen design, or setting off a marble fireplace with a tasteful cowhide rug hanging. In either case or in the many other situations cowhide decor is found to be the best possible choice, no one is ever disappointed with the lifetime spent among their cowhide choices.

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