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Aug 11

Nursing despite inverted nipples

I too have got inverted nipples but have been able to breastfeed directly. With my first child though I tried nipple shield I found that it was quite difficult as the shield kept slipping away. Somehow I had some sense to express and feed for 3 months. But one thing a Paed said was, a baby suckles the areola and not the nipple. With my second son, I was in UH and it supports BF. One of the nurses there shared how she had succesfully fed her 4 children with inverted nipples and that gave me a boost….if she can, I can. Suprisingly, though I had initially bottlefed epressed milk, he finally learned to latch on at the 3rd month…I took off from there and bF till 8mths and he weaned himself off probably due to increasing bottle feeding….actually I thought BF for 6 mths is good enough till I joined this group. Now with my 3rd son I intend to do it as long as possible. I initially did not mind the formula and bottle feeding as I did not want him to end up having jaundice like the previous 2. The key Pumping definitely helps to draw the nipples out and toughens them. Try to use the pump to draw out he nipple and then try to get the baby to attach by gently pulling down the lower jaw to encourage the mouth to open. You will most probably have to go through some nipple soreness but it will be okay in time. Don’t listen to all the negative comments. Get the baby to the breast b4 he?/she? gets too hungry. You will actually see the nipple drawn out beautifully when the baby releases the suction. So, best of luck as you try this, do feel free to ask me and I really want to let all the inverted nippled moms who think they can’t directly feed know it is not impossible and absolutely possible. (Angeline)

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Aug 09

experience regarding tandem nursing…

After finding out I’m pregnant last Feb,…the first thing that strike my mind is…could I make it …I mean..would I be able to bf my son until he’s 2 years old…??? it’s bcoz from the first day he was born I’m determine to give bm till he’s 2 years of age. The reason for me to have such determination despite any probs. that might occur during this 2 years because… my religion (Islam) strongly recommend bfg until the age of 2. This fact is also supported by researchers of science..and I’m pretty sure all of you gals know that bm is the best milk for our matter how
good is the formula ..still is the number 1.It’s also proven that children that drink bm is much brighter then those who depend on the fomula eversince they were born.

Now..that’s the 1st question that arise..So..what’s the 2nd question..? bet..the big question is …would my bm sufficient for my son? Does he get enough nutrition from his mummy’s bm(even though there’s his little bro/sis inside his mummy’s womb) ?…you sure bet these are not the only question that lingers in my mind…coz… more question pop up in my mind…the statement that says “it could effect the baby in the womb of a mother that bf during her pregnancy” did make me worried.So..without much hesitation..I decided to consult my doc and
also my fellow friends (luckily, I’ve a number of friends that are docs)…They said that it’s no harm if you still bf your child during your pregnancy at a certain limit of time..The only thing is that…make sure you stop by the time you’re 7 months pregant. This is bcoz..if you continue to bf after you’re 7 months pregnant..the bm would not be suitable for your newborn…in a nutshell….let the bm take a few months to prepares itself for the newborn without any disturbances.

Pregnancy did reduce my bm quantity.But..never long as I
still could give bm to my son till he’s tummy is full..that’s not a big deal…So now I hope that my explaination had satisfied all those big question marks in your mind…Last but not least..continue this meaningful corresponding and sharing experince as a mother…coz as you know…being a mother is a special gift from god to us that couln’t be replaced by any precious gift in the entire world… :)))) (Husna)

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Aug 07



Breast-feeding is a loving, enjoyable and rewarding experience. The rewards of bonding with your baby is immeasurable and though the initial attempts may be frustrating or even painful you will definitely feel proud and satisfied when you succeeded. Below are some real life experiences and tips contributed by the support group members. We hope you are inspired by their determination but at the same time, know that though you may not get it right in the first few attempts, it is o.k. too! What is important is that you see breast-feeding as something that you love and enjoy doing and not something you felt pressured to ‘perform’. Many of us made a lot of blunders and are made to feel that we are ‘inadequate’ in providing breast-milk to our babies. But you can always seek help!

Expressed breast milk (EBM) baby – I only make a serious attempt at breast-feeding when I have my 5th son! But even that, I still fail to nurse him direct but that did not deter me from giving him my breast-milk. I express my milk and bottle feed him. Not a very good choice but it is the best I can do. Still my baby Matthew has been fed fully EBM on most days right up to 4 months and my target is over 6 months- Lilian

Momma to a 16 mth old son, Wafiq. Full time working as an accountant. Once a skeptical mom about BFG has successfully breastfed the son exclusively for 1 year,still nursing him and intends to prolong the period until having the second child. Religiously followed all BFG mantras. Still pumping at the office and seeing the session as a ritual not to be missed. Wish to see more mommies breastfeed their babies and one day BFG will become a norm to every mummy escpecially in Malaysia. Healthy diet and lifestyle should start from a very young age, as young as newborn! Therefore every mama should be the one who should start this on their lil ones! – Hafizah

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