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Sep 01

Maria, when you said “sometimes have to use force” I agree with you 100%. When I gave my elder child her first bottle of formula after giving in to the pressure from MIL and confinement lady (them constantly telling me I don’t have enough milk), my colleague scolded me over the phone. And that very evening, she came to my house with her elder sister. And both stayed in my house for 4 hours, ‘forcing’ me to bf my baby. And my colleague’s elder sis brought her 8-mth old bb, lifted her blouse and bf in front me. Before this, I’ve never seen a mother bf before, so when I saw her McB popped out in front of me, felt shy also.. hehehhe….

Anyway, to cut the story short, from that evening onwards, I bf my first child until she was 11 months old without finishing that tin of formula which I opened when she was 2 weeks old. And now, I am the one who ‘force’ my friends. Starting from when they are preggers. Keep drilling into them. I don’t think I am an extremist or a bf fanatic. Just felt angry with wrong information previously received and what ignorance can do. Not only MIL, even mothers who care for their daughters during confinement can also do lots to discourage bf!
Moommy to two little ladies (2yrs11mths & 12mths).
Heh, my mum was just like that. She kept saying I’ve got not enough milk bcos I don’t leak, my breasts don’t kembang, and she was a nurse!!!!! Later I found out that it was bcos she worried that when I go back to work, it would be difficult to feed my son with the bottle. But to deprive my baby of the best thing in the world??????

my 2 clerks in the office also the same-no milk no milk no milk. I even loaned the 1st one who delivered my Medela Pump In Style. But she only express once a day, and after that claimed there was no milk. I asked her why she only express once a day and not more, and also didn’t b’feed directly, she said her babysitter said “mah fan” Cekik darah. Makes u wonder whose baby it was, hers or the babysitter.

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Aug 30

I agree that the people from the lower income group would resort to adding cereals in baby’s milk coz I know people who do it. My colleague’s friend even started feeding baby solids at 2 weeks. Yes weeks… the baby is so overweight and unhealthy the doctor has said that she needs to go on a diet. On the other hand another colleague of mine who is a Sexy-turkey once said in a blur blur tone said: ” Ummm ya.. BM is not good for baby right? Naturally I quickly but tactfully corrected her. She is preggo now. Let’s see if can convince her to bf. I know that there are many moms who feel guilty about bf even though they don’t say it out loud. Some may not even admit to themselves that they feel guilty (I call that living in denial).

When we reach out to the public like this, we will only attract people who have a desire to be a part of our group. Those who are on the fence or have tried bf and says is too difficult, milk sudah habis/dry up, no time…. they are the ones that we need to sit down and over time enroll them to the idea of bf. Here the soft, ” I understand” approach is vital. They will run away if they feel threatened in any way.
Doreen – Mum to BB Liz born 10/10/03 McB for eight months. I’m lovin it and still going strong!

it is not easy for people to admit they have done something wrong, that’s why we often heard people saying not-enough-milk. we see a lot formula advertisement on TV, but have you see any breastfeed campaign on TV? TV is the most powerful weapon of influence. The private sector will never do a BF commercial, the only hope is from the government, even though if the health department decide to do it, but judging from those health campaign shown on the TV, I don’t expect very much from it. I had been to ante-natal class, someone asked the midwife what happen if not enough milk, she said just keep trying, can’t be no milk, it is mind over matter.
Lilian if you said our way are too militant, then all this 200 over member are the BF army .

I think if we say:”try BF lah, but never mind lah if you have not enough milk, can use formula…” what would you think the result will be? sometime have to use force wan lah.
Maria (mother of twin girls–Isabelle & Annabelle, born 25th Nov 2002)

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Aug 28

Just remember something one of the doc told me while in UH. Recently, she went to another Gov hospital for some lecturing and she is sad to see that the awareness on the goodness of bfg is not in the lower income group. The moms are so used to the goodness of the ‘much inferior alternative’ (you know what lar) through the aggressive media exposures. So these moms who can’t afford the expensive but the alternative, resorted to add cereals and sugar in the diluted milk. Many of us, the higher income, do not feel the pinch of the RM40+ per tin but the poorer moms do. So, they use diluted version and mixed with cereal. The end result – a baby who is very fat but lacking nutrients and ended up sick. And not getting well as fast.

So, I think it is up to us moms, the more highly educated and blessed women, to help bring awareness to all moms. It is only through our group efforts that we can counter the aggressive marketing. It is sad that babies’ life and well-being are affected by marketing. If this had happened in some third world country, then I will probably try to not get so geram. But this is happening in our very own Klang Valley.

That’s why the other day during the UH distribution I often started my conversation with the sentence – Kami dari kumpulan penyusuan ibu. I hope that sentence stays in the mind of the moms there. There are a lot of moms who have newborns and hope they see that susu ibu is great. If only we have influence a few moms in UH that day, I am satisfied that we had done something good.

So, let’s be militant in a good way
Lilian (co-owner, moderator and mom of 5)

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