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Jun 06

Some thoughts on Expressing

– Expressing milk is normally not recommended for the first 6 weeks. Our body works on supply and demand. Our body will get confused and start producing too much which will lead to engorgement or we’ll get frustrated ‘coz we’re not getting much from expressing. Our baby is really is the most effective at extracting milk from our breasts. Not being able to express milk with a breastpump or hand is not an
indication of low milk supply. Expressing small amounts could also mean no let down or we’re too stressed out or we’ve been trying to do too much. Milk supply is also usually at its lowest in the afternoon
and highest in the night.

– Teasing the nipples worked for some for a faster let down.
– Returning to work & still pumping: You will need these for successful pumping:

Breastpump – two if you have no time to wash for second pumping
Breastshell -keep those precious milk which let down when you are pumping from the other!
Face towel – to clean the desk / your outfit
2 or 4 bottles of milk bottles depending how much you want to store per bottle
cooler box (you will probably receive a few from those baby hampers)
washing / sterilising equipment

(The above tips gathered by Szex2 from her own experiences and also the other members’ experiences. Szex2 is a full-time working mom but she has successfully breast-fed William exclusively for more than a year.)

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Jun 04

My friend, Renee has been contemplating starting a small home-based business. She bakes yummylicious cupcakes and is contemplating making a business out of it. Right now, she only bakes for friends and families.

I encouraged her to start a business. What she needs is a bigger oven and a more organised method of promoting her cupcakes. Some of my suggestions to her were to start a Facebook page and also to print business cards.

Nowadays, there are so many pretty and fanciful mom business cards where one can tailor made breathtaking beautiful calling cards. Print that in big batches and drop them around the neighbourhood and soon Renee will be on her way to expand her cupcakes business.

However, Renee is a little bit apprehensive and is afraid she can’t cope with the order. I told her if her business gets bigger, she can always expand by buying another oven.

You never know until you have tried. A friend said we must have faith in ourselves to be able to achieve something. Hopefully, Renee will find that faith because her cupcakes are really to die for.

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Jun 02

This page contains many useful tips contributed by members of the Malaysian Nursing Mom and the online Yahoo group support mails. Please note that these tips do work for most mothers but not necessary work for everyone. We hope you will be amused, enlightened, inspired and motivated to get your hands on expressing your breast-milk when the situation warrants it. For e.g. when you are returning to work after your maternity leaves, when you desire to keep some EBM for your baby caregiver to feed when you need to be away, when your baby is not able to nurse due to some unforeseen circumstances. Take note that expressing is not a substitute for direct nursing your baby. It is only a second choice. You are advised to consult your respective lactation consultant, breast-feeding counsellor, mid-wives or nurses to learn the proper technique to get your baby to latch on to your breast properly. Remember that you may find some contradicting information because as I mentioned earlier, one thing may works for a mother but not the other. So, read on with an open mind!

Thank you to all moo-mies for your wonderful tips. (Message from Lilian and Szex2)

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