Do you know your child’s blood type?

I received an email forward as follows:

I have received an appeal for O Negative blood for a 4 year old child, Yau Jia Xin at Lam Wah Ee Hospital, Penang.

Please lift the child up in prayer and if you can help, please contact 012-4275813.

I had personally phoned Lam Wah Ee Hospital paediatric ward and they confirmed that the patient has been transferred to the cardiac unit for an operation. If you have O Negative type of blood, please call Lam Wah Ee at tel. no. 6571 888 and ask for the lab. Find out if they still need the blood donation. (Anway, it is always good to donate blood so it doesn’t really matter.)

My husband is a regular blood donor at Lam Wah Ee Hospital and you know what? They waived the medical consultation fee when you are attended by their Medical Officers (who are doctors) when you donate blood regular.

Now, I wonder….are we parents aware of our child’s blood type? And also our own? Is it important that you know? Yes.

All my four children have the same type as I am. However, my son whom had passed away has his father’s blood type. At one point, my husband had to donate his blood more regular than the 3 months period for our son. (You can only donate every 3 months?) But it was ok for my husband because the lab only took the necessary amount and not the full quantity that normally blood donors gave.

Curious to know more about blood type? Check out Wikipedia for some explanation.

The child mentioned above has O negative blood and she can only receive the O negative blood. Therefore, I hope the public will come forward and help the family.

Individuals with type O blood have red blood cells with neither antigen but produce antibodies against both types of antigens. Therefore, a person with type O-negative blood can safely donate to a person with any ABO blood type and is called a “universal donor”. However an O-negative person can only receive blood from another O-negative person.

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