Read what BBC correspondent says about Chinese confinement

I found this reflection by Louisa Lim, a correspondent of BBC, Beijing on how she endure the ‘sitting month’, i.e. the month after the delivery of her son. She is of mix-parentage and her exposure to the quirky practices of Chinese confinement is rather hilarious. The things we have to go through…… New mums should […]

Tumeric (kunyit) for confinement

I found this from The Star, written by Chia Joo Suan who is a food chemist who advocates safe eating habits. She is the author of What’s in your food? (Pelanduk). Turmeric is a popular herb for postnatal care to stimulate milk flow and production of red blood cells, dissolving blood clots, easing pain in […]

Ginger, egg and sesame

This was one of my staple dish when I had my baby. I don’t have the luxury of having someone to cook and take care of me. So, all I did was to make sure that I have some ginger and sesame oil to get rid of those ‘wind’ in my belly. I still cook […]

Eu Yan Sang ‘Bo Ying’ pills NOT for G6PD babies

A friend, Agnes told me about this warning. Well, I did not find any official warning but there are lots of warnings from different sites. You can Google for ‘Eu Yan Sang G6PD’ to find the results. So, moms, take note of this. And yeah, if it is my own newborn babies, I will stay […]

A baby’s full moon – How do you celebrate?

It just occured to me.  I think only the Chinese make a big deal out of a new born baby’s full moon or a month old celebration. First, the baby will be given a shave or at least to cut off some of the hair.  This is to remove the bad luck.  Heh, the old […]