Setting up a lactating room

My office is going to set up a lactating room. Initially, it was just a plan to make it easier for one of the moms who is expressing milk to have a more conducive place to do her daily ritual. However, things move and soon, it become a whole project to be undertaken by the […]

C-sec babies get tooth decay earlier?

I found this interesting piece of news. Three out of my five kids are born by caesarean section. I do not notice any differences. The trips to the dentists are as stressful, normal birth babies or otherwise. The news from BBC says: A New York University team found C-section babies were infected by a cavity-causing […]

Say Tak Nak to the sarung cradle (buaian)

To most Malaysians, we know what this is. This is the sarong buaian. To the foreigners, probably they may not see it much. Why? Because this is not a safe apparatus to put your babies and children to sleep. Our local doctors have given repeated warnings about the risks. We had read in the newspapers […]

Is it safe to put our children photos on the net?

I captured this photo yesterday and it seems very appropriate for this topic. Many of us parents are wary of the internet. Is it safe for us to post our children photos on the internet? In my personal opinion, it is not. But in this age, it is impossible to keep our children away from […]

Mother and daughter

This is an article from The Star. It is written by Yvonne. I met Yvonne online through blogs and later on, personally met her in KL. Please surf over to The Star online for the full story. I found it very touching. How a mom and her daughter bonded again when the daughter was very […]