Setting up a lactating room

My office is going to set up a lactating room. Initially, it was just a plan to make it easier for one of the moms who is expressing milk to have a more conducive place to do her daily ritual. However, things move and soon, it become a whole project to be undertaken by the […]

Smokers more likely to have daughters

by Deborah Condon Irish Health Couples who smoke around the time of conception are more like to have a daughter, the results of a new study indicate. The effect appears to be stronger if both parents smoke, rather than just one. Researchers recorded the sex of over 11,800 babies born in Denmark and Japan over […]

Cool place – A cafe where breastfeeding is welcome!

Link Café where baby knows breast New mothers now have a place to feed their babies. Suzi Godson drops in for a coffee and advice Too bad this is not in our country. But nevertheless, hopefully more enterprising mothers who breastfeed will organise and start coffee morning in this manner. Previously, MyMomsBest did organised gatherings […]

Article from The Star

Thursday September 30, 2004 Resource for nursing mums CHAN Lilian’s web development adventures do not just concentrate on grief, pain and illnesses. Last February, Chan helped a fellow breastfeeding mother to start a breastfeeding support group for mothers in Malaysia. (Ten months after her son Vincent’s death, Chan and her husband were blessed with another […]

Bathing your baby

Though this may seems easy enough, do you know that many babysitters and caregivers had accidentally dropped or knocked the baby’s head against the basin and some had turned fatal? Sad but true. Most expectant parents are given a pre-natal course which includes how to bath a baby. However, using a hard, plastic doll and […]