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My office is going to set up a lactating room. Initially, it was just a plan to make it easier for one of the moms who is expressing milk to have a more conducive place to do her daily ritual.

However, things move and soon, it become a whole project to be undertaken by the company. We find an empty room, instal a sink, buy a fridge, get some nice sofa and place some beautiful paintings.

Then, we consulted the world breastfeeding advocate and they gave us the green light that it is now an official lactating room. We will be inviting a few doctors to give a talk and we are good to launch our first ever breastfeeding room.

Now all mothers can come to our office and express their milk. Now I am looking for some vinyl banners to promote the lactating room. I have looked around and hope to settle on a design soon.

It is quite funny that now mothers are coming to our office not to do business but to express milk. The moms actually can do their networking while they are expressing milk.

Have you thought of doing something unique for Christmas and the New Year? I am not one who likes to send e-card because it doesn’t have the warmth of a real card arriving through the mail.

However, buying regular greeting cards is not a very good idea as well. I like to personalized my cards and now we can do postcard printing . We can put our new babies photos, a pet photo, a family picture and whatever that we fancy.

The postcard printing can be done easily and only takes a few steps. Just try it and I am sure you will also be hooked on postcard printing because it is a nice touch. Friends love it when we remember them with a little touch of tradition.

We can also make postcard printing for other occasion like birthdays, new arrivals, graduation and etc. It is good to make something that our friends are not likely to throw in the dustbin because it is a a part of us and contains our thoughts and wishes.

What are you waiting for? Hope over and get some postcard printing now.

Do you do data backup?

I know it is good to do data backup but unfortunately, I do not know how to do the data backup for Windows Vista.

I tried and I get a bunch of zipped files. They come in so many components and I totally have no idea how to install them back into the computer when I am done.

So, I have never back up my data. Meanwhile, my Mac does the job itself but I do not know if I can get the data when I need it because I don’t even know where it is stored.

Look like it is a good choice to pay for those data backup service and feel safe.

They now have green smoke

My friend asked me if those e cig is not as bad as the usual cig. I told her I do not know much as I am not one who smokes.

Now they have those e cig which is electronic or e-cigarette. It is like the real thing including the mist but minus the harmful parts.

I don’t know if the smokers get the real kick like the one with real smoke. Maybe the green smoke works just as well. It also won’t give you the yellow teeth and the blackened lips we so often see in smokers.

Great sandwiches

I just had some awesome sandwiches at a small little outlet. I asked them if they are interested to go into franchise opportunities because the sandwiches are so good and ought to be spread further.

Unfortunately, the owners do not want to have too much fuss and are happy with the little joint they have. They said they enjoy the work of just serving a small group and see their happy and satisfied faces.

There are many of such food outlets which are not very keen to make a lot of money but just to have fun opening a small business to cater to a small group. Sigh…I wish there are more places where I can eat their sandwiches.

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