My Mom's Best
Pregnancy, Parenting & Breastfeeding website with a heart

Jun 24

My Mom’s Best was created with the main objective to encourage and promote breastfeeding and informed parenting.

Themed “Parenting with a Heart,” the website has informative articles by paediatricians, obstetrician-gynaecologists, lactation consultants and other medical professionals.

The website also has an interactive forum for all mothers to share childcare and breastfeeding tips aside from interesting and heart-warming stories from mothers and a lot more. It originated in Penang about a year ago, with co-founder Chan Lilian at its helm. From a handful of members, it now has over 100 mothers and fathers who exchange ideas, thoughts and tips via the Internet.

“Before today, I have never met many of these mothers; most of us know each other through the Internet.

“But it is nice to see that all over the country, we are all of the same mind and heart when it comes to giving our best to our children,” Chan said.