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Jun 22

Sitting long hours alone while watching over a sick child in hospital can be a lonely and difficult experience, especially when wrestling a gamut of emotions from anxiety to frustration and fear.

Aware of this, a group of empathising mothers turned up at UMMC to show their support and presented little gifts to Siti and other mothers on Mother’s Day.

“I was not expecting this at all. It is very nice to be remembered by other mums,” said Siti.

The thoughtful visitors were members of the breastfeeding support group from My Mom’s Best, a parenting website for Malaysians.

One of the website’s members, who wants to be known only as Ibu Yong Sen, had a child who was in the intensive care unit for nine months. Through her, the support group learnt that mothers of long-term patients were making small gifts to surprise the mothers in other wards on Mother’s Day.

The support group hence decided to initiate a gift-giving event on this special day to show all the mothers who have children in hospital that they were remembered by other mothers who care and wish to share in their worries and burdens for a little while.

The group visited four wards, from a general ward to the surgery ward, to cheer up other mothers, sharing news and anecdotes with thankful strangers as if they were old friends and bringing many smiles to them.

While the intensive care unit was very solemn, the mood at the general ward for children was a little more upbeat as recuperating children made friends with one another and even showed each other what gifts they had received.

There were plenty of gifts to go around, and the remainder was given to the nurses at the wards.

“We would also like to thank the nurses for their help as well,” said a member, adding that May 12 was International Nurses Day.