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Apr 19

Thanks for bringing this up. A big issue for everyone of us Malaysians. First, Eirian, a Scottish midwife (a MNM member from Penang) told me that it is good that we have our one month/40 days confinement practice. She had spent many years helping our local mothers, especially from the rural areas with their post-natal recovery including breastfeeding. She said it is good that we have the chance to get a full rest, full recovery and being pampered. Unlike the Western ladies, they had to return home and cope alone just like another day. So, must be thankful we got a whole month to ‘enjoy’ our confinement.

As for me, I follow the no drinking plain water, eat special foods and alcohol, lie as much as I can afford. But I also curi-curi wash my hair alternate days and started driving less than 2 weeks post c-sec. And for me, my mother was my spy. Each day when I want to bath (when I had my first 2 sons), I will ask her to watch out that my mil did not pop in unannounced. Once mil pop in and my mother actually lied to her that I am in the toilet doing big business in the loudest voice so that I can come out with the same lie!

The traditional practice can be a real nuisance though. My eldest sil who took care of me when I had Matthew forbid me to even touch my computer. She said nanti all my fingers will be painful in old age.

As for joint pains, I do get them now and wonder if I had been naughty and bath in my aircond hospital room, including washing hair, at 8 am, 4 days after c-sec. But then, my two elders sisters who followed every one of the pantang larang without rebelling also got the pains.

And yeah, Topaz once pointed out that the Mat Salleh ladies have more arthritis problem than us do.

My opinion is to follow as much as a person can endure.
Lilian (co-owner, moderator and mom of 5)

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Apr 17

I showered my hair 10 days post natal My Indian neighbour was asking me: how lah you tahan Vivi, not smelly ar? And that was after a major bargain with my mom, then she gave in to me. After my MIL got to know about this, she asked my confinement nanny to keep a strict eye on me. And the next time I washed my hair was a day before the full moon

I did not drink any plain water for 3 weeks, only red dates water and any other hot drinks. I did not eat any single leafy vegetables for one whole month, only meat. I confined myself in the room upstairs, as I was not allowed to walk down the staircase, worried that my uterus will drop. Can you girls imagine this?

For my next confinement, I’ve told myself that I will follow every rules moderately. I will bath 10 days post natal, drink warm plain water after 3 days maybe, and will eat certain vegetables that will not cause wind, and I won’t confine myself in the room upstairs anymore. Hehe…


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Apr 15

I did not confine myself through the traditional 30 days (for Chinese). In fact, I went out to do some groceries 12 days post natal, wearing only T-shirt and short. And I showered my hair 3 days post natal. Actually this is not a proud thing to do because I experienced severe migraine which I have never experienced before. I have to take ponstan (pain killer) and MIL claimed that my head “masuk angin” because of the shower. And now, I can’t wear high heel because both of my calves would feel very “sour”.

Of course, I have heard of so many of my friends who have never practised the traditional confinement and yet they are so sihat and kuat!! Guess each individual would react differently, huh?!

What I am thinking now is I should have strictly followed the confinement “rules & regulations”. Better to “suffer” now than to be sorry later in life.

Yek Nee.

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