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May 12

We should practice a healthy lifestyle so that we can live a long healthy productive life. It should not be done to please someone else. It is actually not very difficult to maintain a healthy weight as long you care for yourself. What you eat is very important. If you care for your body & mind, you should consume healthy food. This should go hand in hand with REGULAR exercise. Eat everything moderately.

I lost 40lbs in 1 1/2 yrs thru healthy eating & exercise. Manage to do it while bf my 2nd boy (bf him without formula for 2 1/2 yrs). We should not go into fad diets as you will not be able to maintain the weight loss for long. I am still maintaining my target weight for 2 yrs now. Since losing the weight I am healthier, have more energy with my boys & my outlook in life has certainly changed for the better.


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May 10

Men think differently from us. They are always like that. First time, very “kan cheong” second time around, ai! ya! normal only……………..
Don’t let their insensitiveness hurts you.
Except for the few lucky ones , most of us grow one size bigger after pregnancy and have many unsightly scratch marks. After giving birth, go for sensible healthy meals and appropriate exercise. Yo! Sheela, tips need here! Regular exercise and good eating habits will take us a long way to achieve our desired body weight. Plus, our work coupled with the children, bf, the household chores and all is enough to make anyone lost weight!
And I do think, physical attractiveness alone is not the most important thing in a marriage. No matter how slim and pretty we are, there’ll be younger and prettier girls than us. The key to a happy marriage got to be communication. Don’t let work, children and other commitments take precedence over private time with your DH. The changes that occur after bb arrives are inevitable. However, we should take the changes in stride and learn to cope with them effectively without compromising on our relationship with each other.
Perhaps, Cleya, you could tell your friend not to worry so much about the pregnancy blues, just relax concentrate on child no.1 and enjoy this special time.

Nice to have you on board,

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May 08

My girlfriend is pregnant with her second one and she was commenting on how disappointed she is with DH this time around – he has been so busy with work that he has been rather insensitive to her pregnancy this time around.

I am trying for our second one, but it sounds a little scary. Everything is so settled now, and DH is just ‘perfect’ – well as much as i can realistically hope. He seems excited about another one, but are they really able to share the excitement as they did with the first one?

I know some women worry about their hubbies thinking them fat, or not sexy enough – but that seems like a first time pregnant thingy. After one, we know how DH is about such issues. Aren’t pregnancy worries different when it’s the next one? I stand back and wonder if he will understand that so many things will be different, what about housework ? Finances? And I’m not even pregnant yet! Will looking fat still be a worry? Am i normal or worrying too much?

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