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Mar 31

Sambal ikan bilis – Lyza,

4-7 Large Onions (Slice thinly-julienne)
Garlic (sometimes I omit, in fact I almost never put coz malas)
Chili (amount depends on how hot u like it to be. Caution- dried chillies from Tesco are MEGA hot !!!))
3 stalks Serai ( crush serai head )
Tamarind juice
A dash of MSG (optional)
Ikan bilis(option: to fry ikan bilis first, I don’t)

Oil (Not too little other wise chili won’t cook properly and will leave an unpleasant taste)
Saute onions (lots and lots of it) in frying pan until golden brown.
Add chili.
Fry/cook the chili until “pecah minyak” ie. until the oil and chili separates and cooked thoroughly – very important. No short cuts for this. Do not worry about excess oil at this point.
Then, add tamarind juice, serai, ikan bilis (use just enough – if too much ikan bilis, sambal will dissappear), MSG, salt and sugar (lots if you like sweet yummy sambal).
Taste and adjust until u r satisfied with the taste.
Before serving, throw away excess oil.

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Mar 29

Sambal udang kering. – Lilian

(it looks like serunding. Usually, the Malay doesn’t prepare this dish, only the peranakan Chinese)

8 tahil dried shrimps (not sure why but in Penang, they are sold by tahils, about 300 gms)
6 red onions
cili boh (quantity according to taste, maybe 3tblspoon)
3 stalks serai
1 big piece fresh kunyit (substitute with powder also can, about 1 tblspoon)
Daun limau purut – slice finely (this is a must)
Daun kunyit – slice finely (this one optional)
Tamarind juice (add minimal water)
Salt to taste

Soak dried shrimps and pound coarsely.
Blend onion, serai and kunyit.

In a non-stick wok, heat oil and fry the blended onion/cili/leaves till dry. Add the dried shrimp and continue frying. You need to constantly stir it or they will stick to the bottom of the pan. Add tamarind juice and sugar. Continue stirring until the whole paste is dried.

One can keep the portion in individual container and heat them up later.

This sambal hairbee taste good if used to make sandwiches, eat with rice or wrapped in mini popiah skin and fried (serve like raya goodies).

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Mar 27

Masak lemak ubi keledek – Lilian
Sambal belacan
Santan cair
Udang kecil
Cekur manis (is that what you call the sticks of green leaves? We in Penang call it sayur manis)
Ubi keledek
crushed cabai merah

All boil macam soup aje.

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