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Nov 30

Can I give my child “pearl powder”?

Pearl powder not excreted out will stay in the body and turn into gallstones. I will remember to ask the paed for a medical explanation next time. – Lilian

Does frozen porridge cause wind?

The paed confirmed that frozen porridge can cause wind if the frozen food is contaminated with bacterias. This is the medical explanation.  Best to have freshly cooked food but if there is no other option, then we have to make sure that the food is stored at the right temperature and is not kept for too long– Lilian

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Nov 28

What do I do if my child has a suspected head injury?

I got this flyer from my paed’s office about head injuries. The hospital has a neuro-surgeon, paed surgeon and 3 paeds. So, they often get references for head injuries. Here goes:

See the doctor immediately if your child hurts his or her head and shows any of the following signs and symptoms:
1. Nausea and vomiting
2. Inconsolable cry and irritable
3. Fluid/blood draining from ears or nose
4. Increasingly severe headache
5. Weakness or numbness of body
6. Difficulty in walking or talking
7. Drowsiness
8. Confusion or unusual behaviour
9. Fits


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Oct 17

This below information is provided by Dr Cheang Hon Kit, Consultant Paediatrician/Neonatalogist of a private hospital in Penang.


(Reference note: The actions mentioned in the bullet form are some of the things that a baby/child is able to do at the different ages. Those marked in bold are warning signs that you may wish to refer to your respective paediatrician if you observe them.)

6 weeks old

* Smiles
* Stares at faces
* Startles to sudden noise

3 months old

Holds rattle placed in hand
Eyes follow moving person/object
Vocalises & laughs

6 months old

* Sits with support
* Rolls prone to supine
* Reaches out to grasp
* Turns to voice


Warning : Hand preference

Persistence of fisting

12 months old

* Walks holding furniture
* Bangs 2 objects held in hands
* Waves bye-bye
* Papa/mama specific


Warning : Unable to sit or bear weight

Absence of babbling

18 months old

* Walks unsupported
* Scribbles
* Feeds self with spoon
* 3 words other than papa/mama


Warning : Inability to stand without support

Inability to understand simple commands

2 years old

* Kicks ball
* Imitates vertical line
* Combines 2 different words


Warning : Unable to speak in short sentences

3 years old

Pedals tricycle
Copies circle
Dresses with help
Names 4 pictures

4 years old

* Hops
* Copies cross and square
* Brushes teeth without help
* Recognise 4 colours

5 years old

* Walks down stairs one foot per step
* Draws man with 6 parts
* Dramatic group play
* Define 6 words

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