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Jun 04

With Christmas and the New Year around the corner, I know lots of parents will be looking forward to share their babies and children photos in a personalized e-card. What can be more adorable and charming than to send our cute little babies photos to show our friends while sending them the season’s greetings?


Now you can easily do that with Neslac Excella Gold e-Photo Wishes. I have tried out the online site to make my own e-card using my little boy’s photo. What I need to do is to upload a photo, choose the type of design I want and click to send to all my friends.

They have made it much easier whereby you can link your Facebook account and select friends from Facebook.


If you remember, I have blogged about the baby milk, Neslac Excella Gold Excellence Begins Young website where you can do a lot of other things like checking your child’s development, play the games with your child and also many other things such as asking the experts regarding your child’s growth. So, head over to the Neslac Excella Gold Excellence Begins Young website and start making your own greeting cards.


Do you know that you can win prizes as well? They are running a contest where the person who sends the most e-cards will win the weekly prize of RM 200 shopping voucher. They are giving away 5 prizes each week. So, grab it while you can because the campaign runs from 1st December 2009 till 8th February 2010. This period fits in nicely with Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year too.

Happy Holidays to all the mommies out there. It is the school holidays so keep your child occupied with lots of games and fun! But remember to keep them strong and healthy with lots of good, nutritious foods and drinks too, ya?

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Jun 02

Same interests

Founder of the website, Phang Sze Sze with her 15-month-old son, William Tan. Says Phang: “If there are enough members, we might eventually be able to visit hospitals to encourage breastfeeding amongst new mothers.”

Those in the support group are always looking for ways to provide the best for their children. They read books and magazines, surf the Internet and make friends with other mothers to gain more information.

Chan says:  Communication is just a click away. Without having to spend valuable time to travel, we enjoy a close friendship via e-mail.

The group is not like sponsored links such as the United States-based BabyCenter or iVillage because it does not intend to provide resources like them. Instead, it prefers to provide a more personal touch by reaching out to mothers on a one-to-one basis.

 It is more comfortable and useful to communicate with mothers from the same culture because we are talking about things peculiar to Malaysians. Also, in times of trouble, we lend an ear to the member and in good times, we cheer her on, says Chan.

As the group s founder, Phang shares her experiences in breastfeeding, expressing breast milk and parenting. Other than welcoming new members, she also helps some of them get in touch with professional bodies that can help with women s health or breastfeeding via the group s own resources and contacts. She also organises gatherings for members to have some fun and socialise.

 As I hold a full-time job, Lilian has been a great help in signing up new members, says Phang, mother of 15-month-old William Tan.

 And it helps that she s older and wiser in many ways and she has played an important role in sharing some funny and kind motherly thoughts through her witty style of writing.

Members of the group living in the Klang Valley have so far met twice. Meetings are informal and the women let their children play with one another and strike up friendships.

She says:  Some of the dishes we prepare for our gatherings comprise ingredients that help to boost milk production. In future, we plan to invite representatives from companies, like those selling breast pumps, to join us and perhaps hold talks related to breastfeeding.

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May 30

The Star Online > Features

Thursday, July 31, 2003

For the love of the child


In conjunction with World Breastfeeding Week which begins tomorrow, MAJORIE CHIEW checks out an online breastfeeding support group.

YOU are raring to be the perfect mother and totally breastfeed your baby because you have read all about the benefits of mother s milk, but suddenly you discover that reading about it is totally different from actually doing it. And the books do not provide solutions to breastfeeding problems, such as when the baby is not suckling well or the so-called lack of milk production.

Well, don t just wave the white flag and reach out for the bottle of formula milk. If you are determined enough to breastfeed successfully, help is just a few clicks on the mouse away.

There is a new online breastfeeding support group for all mothers and mums-to-be who are interested in breastfeeding: msian_ nursing_mom. The group, founded by Phang Sze Sze on Feb 10, started with just 12 members. To date, the membership is about 40 and still growing.

Members of the online breastfeeding support group and their babies at a gathering.

It all started when Chan Lilian, a mother of five sons, wrote an article entitled Working at breastfeeding (StarTwo, Jan 29). It sparked off some interest and several women, including Phang, contacted her. During their discussions, the idea of setting up an online support group for breastfeeding mums was mooted.

Penang-based Chan says:  As I have experience in setting up my own online grief support group, I suggested to Phang to start the support group because there are mothers who are keen to know one another’s problems. By word of mouth and through the link with the myhome4work website, membership grew.

The members are a multi-racial mix and include a few Malaysians abroad and an expatriate in Malaysia. They comprise full-time homemakers, working mothers and a few working women who are pursuing further education.

 Phang and I devote time to run this group out of interest in breastfeeding. There is no commercial gain or any other motive. We are not affiliated with anyone. Our mission is to provide an avenue for Malaysian mums to get and exchange information for the benefit of their children, says Chan.

 We vet through every application and each potential member has to write a short introduction about herself before she is admitted. This is to sieve out pranksters. Though the group is all about breastfeeding, we always ensure that every member feels comfortable in this friendly, interactive group, says Chan.

 Our main concern is to help members who may not have been successful in their attempts to breastfeed. We want to provide peer support in every area related to bringing up children. So far, we have discussed issues on car seat safety, dealing with sibling jealousy, weaning and starting babies on solids.

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