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Feb 04

Contributed by Lilian

2 tbsp Marmite
4 tbso hot water
1 tbsp sugar
Lots of black pepper
2 pips garlic, chopped (one clove garlic is the whole bulb and one pip is the segment)
A little oil

1. Dissolve marmite and sugar in hot water.
2. Heat oil in small pan, saute garlic, add black pepper, pour in the mixture. Sudah siap.

You can either use one chicken breast cut into small pieces or 300 gm prawns or sausage, use your imagination. Coat chicken breast/prawn with some white pepper and corn flour. Deep fry, take out and add the Marmite sauce.

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Feb 02

Contributed by Lilian

1. Mince garlic and tumis in oil. If you are using chicken (use only fleshy part like breast) or prawn, add them and cook.
2. Put in brocolli. You can season with just salt and pepper. Or you can make a paste using some oyster sauce and cornflour. Don’t cook the vege any futher, just enough to mix well.

Contributed by Lilian

2 chicken thighs cut into 6 pieces
2 potatoes quartered
5 pips garlic (Grind to paste)
ginger size of your thumb (less if your kids can’t take too hot)
1 tbspn of taucheo (preserved soya beans)

1. Heat a little oil, tumis the pounded ingredients till fragrant.
2. Add chicken and fry for a while.
3. Add potatoes and a bowl of water. Simmer over low heat and add more water so that you have a little sauce. When potatoes are soft, ready to serve. Taste best if kept overnight.

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Jan 31

Contributed by Lilian

A bunch of ikan bilis (wash & soak)
2 eggs
A plate of rice (enuff for 2 small eaters)

1. Heat oil, fry ikan bilis till slightly brown and crunchy.
2. Add rice, add eggs.
3. Season with some soya sauce and pepper.
Add chicken or frozen peas if prefer.

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