FAQ on old wives tales related to childcare

Can I give my child “pearl powder”?

Pearl powder not excreted out will stay in the body and turn into gallstones. I will remember to ask the paed for a medical explanation next time. – Lilian

Does frozen porridge cause wind?

The paed confirmed that frozen porridge can cause wind if the frozen food is contaminated with bacterias. This is the medical explanation.  Best to have freshly cooked food but if there is no other option, then we have to make sure that the food is stored at the right temperature and is not kept for too long– Lilian

What if my child injured his head?

What do I do if my child has a suspected head injury?

I got this flyer from my paed’s office about head injuries. The hospital has a neuro-surgeon, paed surgeon and 3 paeds. So, they often get references for head injuries. Here goes:

See the doctor immediately if your child hurts his or her head and shows any of the following signs and symptoms:
1. Nausea and vomiting
2. Inconsolable cry and irritable
3. Fluid/blood draining from ears or nose
4. Increasingly severe headache
5. Weakness or numbness of body
6. Difficulty in walking or talking
7. Drowsiness
8. Confusion or unusual behaviour
9. Fits

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FAQ related to post-natal blues

Can you tell me more about post-natal blues?

Post-natal blues is common and unrecognised most times. I think it helps to learn to let go a little, ie. take mothering one step at a time, let someone else looks after the baby on and off, and go out of the house often!

You will find that with the second baby onwards, mums generally are get better very quickly. I think it comes with confidence. So, I think assurances helps and it is transient. Medically, as doctors, we step in when there is clear post-natal depression. – A lady ob-gyn in KL