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Jul 17

I breastfeed everywhere and in front of anybody. My skin is so thick now that I don’t care who looks. Even if it’s my FIL. I’ve even breastfed in the morning market of TTDI in KL ! (adele)
Just wanted to mention that I went to the Zoo today with my kids and actually “caught” a few mothers breastfeeding in public. Made me realise that the “breastfeeding generation” is coming along fine.
Plus, didn’t see anyone else noticing them (well except for me because I big supporter of breastfeeding mah). Anyway, just wanted to say that I think there are plenty of us going public these days. Woohooooo!!! Although I didn’t know those people I just felt “bonded” to them in the sisterhood of breastfeeding ( Mom to hurricane toddlers )

Last evening, we celebrated Jia Ee’s full moon with a buffet dinner party at home. There were so so many relatives and friends, about 90-100 people… so tired entertaining them. But in between, I got a break to sit down and breastfeed my baby. Some of them didn’t realise I was nursing my baby and they come so near to me and sayang baby’s hair, and those were guys. Surprisingly, I was not panic at all… I was so natural.

Mama to Jiann Yang (07/07/2002) and Jia Ee (15/04/2004) .

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Jul 15

I have never had a problem BF in public, be it in the bird park, in BSC , in reject shop while browsing or wherever. Very thick skin about this.
My clothing is usually loose without buttons so that they can be easily lifted. T shirts are the best. Never bought any expensive bra, whatever brand is ok with me as long as it gives you good support, good enough.


He He! I bf in public for the first time yesterday. What a breakthrough. Usually only do it in the car. So yesterday at the Starbucks in Times Square, I did it!. They have an upstairs area with sofas and its quite nice and quiet.

Was wearing a tight fitting top with a big button down shirt over it so was really well concealed. Try it, certainly works for me.



btw, another place moomies may want to think about: Fitting rooms ! We’ve done quite a bit of this one, but only when there is no one waiting outside of course.. megasale time probably not a good time huh?

If I am out seeing any of you moomies bf-ing while sitting on a bench, I would probably sit next to you and bf my baby too. Meanwhile, I haven’t made such an encounter and frankly, I admire your guts, cos’ I really don’t have the courage to bf in public, though I know there’s nothing embarrassing about the act. I just can’t lor. I feel very self-conscious, shy. Can’t help feeling that way. I would always go to the baby’s room in Jusco, Parkson, and other shopping complexes. At least reading your posts have given me some idea on how to feed discreetly, i.e. by hanging a cloth over the shoulder. But my baby will definitely pull the cloth down since it will be covering her view…

Moommy to two little princess

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Jul 13

Oh well, what’s a little sacrifice in convenience and dignity (!) when you have a wonderful, healthy darling baby ! Don’t worry, you’ll develop thick skin just like the rest of us! (Kat)
Reading thru’ all your experience of bf in public, it reminds me of the first time that I bf and it happens in public too. You see, that time I’ve just given birth. A lot of relatives was waiting to see me and the baby. When the nurse asked me to bf, I told the male relative meaning FIL and BILs that baby needs to be feed. First time, mah, so shy to even said the word “Breast Feed” . They just smile and nod their head. So, I repeat , I want to feed the baby. They told me to go ahead. Got mad, I just pull up my hospital gown , expose my whole upper body part, get DH to clean my Mcb and start to feed right there and then! They got shocked and I can actually see their jaws dropped! No kidding! (J)

I am one who is shy to breastfeed in public. Come from rather conservative background lah. First preferred option is baby room – love Jusco (though it is really packed nowadays and got queue to get in). Otherwise, I would put the EBM in bottle and bottle-feed baby EBM in public.

However, I think one’s skin gets thicker as time gets by and it’s also out of necessity. The other day had no EBM on me, baby’s dinner time, so sat at corner table in not-really-packed restaurant and breastfed in public for first time. I will still try and avoid it though.


As for me, i feel more comfortable to do public nursing when my DH is around with me, but without him i have to do it anyway. Most of the time, i found it’s him that was more concern about my McB got exposed than myself As i thought i shouldn’t be too concern over what people think or how they stare, DH was the one that always trying to block me, cover me, discrete me to some corner etc! Well, i guess he’s trying to minimize his “assets” exposure!

When i first started breastfeeding, i thought I’m gonna have to spend lots of $ to buy breastfeeding friendly baju, but later i learn to bf with normal baju that i wear everyday, of course not a 1 piece dress, but as long there’s a top & bottom, i can pretty much do it. But still can’t do it with normal bra, so nursing bra to me is a must.


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