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Nov 19

I like catchy slogans and had entered many contests. Unfortunately, I have not win any prizes so far. Maybe it is because my slogans are not catchy enough. Meanwhile, I have a friend who is extremely good at writing slogans and he had won many prizes including trips aboard and huge expensive prizes like a motorbike.

I was just looking through this commercial printing and like their slogan of ‘You may not know our name, but you’ll know us by the company we keep.’ They do have a lot of big clients including Pepsi and Pizza Inn.

Ultimately, anyone who wish to start a business need to write short, easy to remember slogans so that their businesses will remain in people’s minds all the time. I have seen some great ones and wonder how people derived their ideas from.

Anyway, if you are looking to do any hazmat shipping, you can always look up the links I have provided.

I am not sure what hazmat is but I think it is shipping for hazardous materials. Businesses like these are not the mainstream ones. They have a certain clientele and these clientele usually know where to look for them.

Anyway, it is very late at night now. People are happily dozing off in dreamland and I am here like many other people, working hard. The thing about working on our own is how we had to make sure that everything is taken care off. My friend who deals with larger business has to stay up even longer.

Although she has engaged companies to deal with her commercial printing and shipping, she told me she has difficulties sleeping at night. There are just too many things to organise and worry. She said it is inevitable as the business falls on her shoulder and she had to carry on the family business whether she likes it or not. Their family business has been around for so long so she has to carry on.

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Nov 17

With some experience, common sense and guidance, a mother can learn to differentiate the common illness from the serious ones. Being the primary caregiver, she would be able to note the symptoms and condition of her child before she even bring the child to the doctor. Therefore, mothers will help greatly if they jot down some of their observation like the child’s temperature, changes in eating pattern, bowel movement, discomforts expressed by the child or any out of the ordinary behavior and provide them to the doctor during consultation. At the same time, it will be helpful if they also jot a few questions beforehand to ask the doctors.

In a paediatrician clinic, usually the queue and waiting time are long because of the number of patients. Coupled with the stress of dealing with an irritable, whining and ill child, one tends to forget many things. Moreover, one can feel being rushed through a doctor’s visit. Thus, in that few moments in the paediatrician office, a mother may not be able to concentrate fully on the communication with the paediatrician. Hence, the notes and questions will come in very handy. A kind and friendly doctor will not hesitate to entertain an occasional follow-up phone call or two from the mother. She may be unduly worried because her child’s condition did not improve but getting worse upon returning home. Therefore, a mother will save the hassle of consulting several doctors for one illness which is term as ‘doctors shopping’.

On the other hand, doctors ought to be given the chance to follow-up with their diagnosis and treatment. If we bring our child back to the same doctor, it will ensure that he receives a more comprehensive check-up and attention. Some illnesses may not be diagnosed and cured with just a single consultation and a bout of medicine. At times, the illness will naturally progress to other problems. This does not necessary mean that the earlier treatment is not effective. It merely means that the patient needed further treatment for the subsequent condition.

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Nov 15


By Chan Lilian

Looi is devastated and shocked that her 2 yrs old son is diagnosed with some developmental delay problem recently. As a mother, she suspected something is amiss with her child’s behaviour. So she decided to seek the opinion of a child psychiatrist in a private hospital, and consulted a neurologist in a large Government teaching hospital for a second opinion. When I asked if her child has been under the care of a regular paediatrician since birth whom would have noticed the problems, she lamented, “My paediatrician …mmm…we just visit him for the normal cold and cough and jab sessions. No monitoring of my child’s progress at all, no questions asked, in fact we are the one who are asking the questions…unlike what is mentioned in the books where the doctors actually monitor the progress of the child. I feel cheated!”

Looi is not the first parent I met who is upset with her child regular caregiver. A relative of mine also encountered a situation where her grandson was given treatment, which is less than satisfactory from a large private clinic. The child has shown obvious signs of some developmental problems but surprisingly, the medical professionals did not detect his condition until much later. Recently, I was also told of a baby who was born blind but his regular medical caregiver failed to noticed until his parents brought him to another paediatrician who discovered it.

Apart from these rather serious conditions, there are also gripes from other mothers whose children have the common childhood illnesses. Some of the usual statements are “In the past 6 days, we have been to 4 paediatricians. Yet, my girl is not getting any better.” or “I took my child to a few doctors and they tell me different things.”

All the above gripes about their respective doctors made me wonder – Is there a communication breakdown between these parents and their medical caregivers? Most of the mothers that I mentioned are highly educated and can afford specialists care in private hospitals. They would have equipped themselves with a certain amount of knowledge related to baby/childcare and their health through reading extensively from books, magazines, literatures and the internet. Therefore, they may be able to make some informed decision. Then why are they left with the feeling that they are not getting the kind of medical attention they expected?

What then can a mother do to make sure that she gets the optimum medical attention from her child’s doctor? A mother spends all the time with her child whilst the paediatrician spends only minutes. Looking at this situation, how the doctor diagnoses a condition will then greatly rely on the mother’s observation and explanation. I have 14 years experiences of taking care of my five sons, including one who was an oxygen-dependant baby and another who is asthmatic. Through my consultation with the numerous medical professionals in the last 14 years, I have learnt various tactics and techniques to ensure that I receive the kind of service I expected.

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