Confinement practice/post-natal rituals – Part 9

I find this topic very interesting. Cause I really wants to know should we or should we not. I read up a lot on this issue but in the end still cannot find the answer.
For my confinement, I was not allow to wash hair for 30 days. No vege. for 30 days. Cannot eat anything cold , no plain water and the list goes on. I was “confined” to my house for 2 months! I drank a lot kunyit water. So, you can imagine how I look. My hair looked a mess, I smell like a salt fish and my teeth has a yellowish stains! As I cope in the house the whole day alone with BB and MIL , I gone a bit “crazy”.
When the elderly make us go thru confinement practise, it is actually because they love us and wants the what they believed the best for us. However, this sometimes makes life a bit susah-loh. So, for my future confinement, I think I’ll will follow moderately. Take bath and wash hair but only with warm water, drink plenty of red dates water, take plenty of rest, go out if I need to. In short, we just have to make our own judgement, what to follow and what not.


Confinement practice/post-natal rituals – Part 7

My family very believe in Chinese medicine healing, so from young I’ve been educate to practice Chinese medicine, after all it been practice for 2000 years, but I also live in modern world, so now I have my own judgement on when to use Chinese medicine and when I need to see doctor.
I follow most of the confinement practise by after consult a ‘shin se”, I bath and wash my hair with herbs, took a lot boiling plain water, red date water, ginger water, eat a lot ginger, and Appeton C18, B complex, and strictly no carry heavy stuff and not walk too much ( for the womb not to drop, yes, I believe that).
I believe all this really help me on my health, at least after my confinement I have very good complexion, even though I’m tired and run down by the girls.
the “shin se’ said even though if you don’t take a lot red date or ginger those thing, as long you rest well, and take a lot vitamins supplement, you’ll still doing well.
I have to said Malaysian is very lucky, we have all sort of healing, supplement for us to choose, Chinese, Malay, Indian, Western, sometime even though we already mix those method but we don’t realise it, like urut during confinement, how many mat saleh know about this? so, I’ll just follow it, and like my mom said because Chinese mom had confinement, that’s why we don’t age so fast like westerners, my mom no scientist, she can’t prove that, but being a good girl, I always listen to what my mom said .
Maria (mother of twin girls–Isabelle & Annabelle, born 25th Nov 2002)

Confinement practice/post-natal rituals – Part 6

What I do during confinement… I bathed everyday in Chinese herb water, the water so hot that I sweat the moment I stepped out from the bathroom. I washed my hair 14 days after delivery. Before that, I tried the dry shampoo but yucks…it’s messy and would not use it again. The 2nd time I washed my hair is a week after the first one. Both time also I used very hot water that I think my scalp would come off anytime.

On the diet wise, I finished up all the food cooked by my confinement helper…oh, she’s a fantastic cook, that’s why I have hired her service again this time. But this time, I think I will ask her to cook smaller portion … don’t want to put on too much weight like the last time. I didn’t drink plain water for the whole 30 days period. I had vege. occasionally but can’t remember what type already.

I live in a double-storey, so I cannot avoid using the staircase everyday and I cannot stay upstair the whole day because the TV and hi-fi are downstair. I also ‘tak biasa’ having someone to serve me food in bed everyday… like a queen. When my mom came over, she would insist that I watch less TV…not good for the eyes and asked me to lie down. I got a recliner chair at the living room, so I lowered the chair and still watched TV.

My mom said I’m lucky to have someone to help around during confinement and I should make good use of it…rest more, otherwise like her, now always got back pain and knee pain. My ta-yi (mom’s elder sister) rested well during her confinement and until today, never complain of any backache and knee-ache. Very healthy…
Mama to Jiann Yang (07/07/2002) and Jia Ee (15/04/2004) .