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Jan 17

Contributed by Lilian

Rice – a fistful
A chunk of meat for flavour
A pip of garlic
A few drops of olive oil
2tbsp corn kernels
Frozen spinach

1. Boil till turn into porridge.
2. Add a piece of frozen spinach, two tablespoon of corn kernels.
3. Cook for a while. Remove the meat and garlic.
4. Blend to get a greenish goo filled with iron. Add a dab of Bovril/Marmite for taste

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Jan 15

Contributed by Lilian

A fistful of macaroni
A piece of sweet potato (about the size of a small egg) cut into tiny cubes
Water – depends on the consistency your baby like.

1. Boil till soft or if your baby don’t tolerate lumps, boil till mushy.
2. Add a piece of Cheddar cheese when about to turn off fire. Cheese will melt into creamy paste.
Makes a creamy, sweetish and lemak meal. About 2-3 portion.

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Jan 13

Contributed by Jolin

1 cup rice
Chicken stock (Just simmer some chicken ribs for 30mins)
1 pandan leaf (tie in knot)
2cm ginger (slightly bruised)
2 pips garlic (slightly bruised)
Dash of soya sauce

1. Wash the rice. Put in a pan with the chicken stock, pandan leave, ginger, garlic and soya sauce.
2. Boil till rice is soft and fluffy.
3. To feed older children, you can put in some chicken meat as well.

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