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Oct 19

Hair cut for the girls so far so good, anyway they just need to cut the fringe, daddy like them to have long hair.
usually cut before bath time, don’t wet the hair, find it more difficult to cut after wet it, they quite good lah, I said:”bu yao dong(don’t move).” they will just freeze long enough for me to make few cuts, have to give them some toys also lah. if they get fussy already, then just continue in the evening bath. DH came home for lunch last time, shock his soul out when he saw their hair so uneven, short on one side long on the other side, like dog bite, asked me how can I cut their hair like that, I said that was a intermission, part 2 coming up in the evening.
I have fun cutting their hair, that’s why so far never though about hair saloon, save money also lah, I have to pay double leh.
Maria (mother of twin girls–Isabelle & Annabelle, born 25th Nov 2002

When I took Abj for his 1st hair cut, he went along with a Malay neighbour (his bestest friend) to the Indian Barber. So he was quite cool abt it. With Abilash it was ok too as he had his bro & daddy . So when we go to the barber the whole family goes unless mummy wants to have some much needed peace & quite for ‘mummy time’ at home.Sorry forgot to add that they look forward to getting the plastic wrapped perfumed wet tissues at the end of the hair cut (as the get to make the loud pop sound from breaking the plastic wrapping).
Sheela SAHM to
Abhijay ( 7 yrs & FF)
Abilash (3 1/2 yrs -BF without Formula for 2 1/2 yrs & no longer a cow

Junior is now three years old. He has cut his hair many times but each time it is still a nightmare! Each trip he will scream and kick . We need two people to hold him! A few of the unisex saloon has told him not to go back there! Yes, those preety lady actually told him to get out and don’t comes back! And I paid RM15 for that! So, for the last few trip, we brought him to the Indian Barber. He scream and scream but the Indian barber just won’t be bother -continue to do his work. By the end of it, Papa, Mummy, Junior and the Indian Barber have hairs all over their body!
Ai! Yo! We have tried every trick on the book but still could not get him to sit still for a few minutes hair cut! And he actually had nightmare the night after every cut!
What to do, ah?

Signed : Jennifer

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Oct 17

Hair cuts

(some heart-warming tales how moms handle those hair cuts tension of their little ones)

I’m planning to take Jiann Yang for a hair cut this weekend but I really dread the trip. The previous three hair cuts experience were so difficult…. He would hold on tightly to me, cried, screamed, kicked… It’s not a baby friendly place but I don’t know any other place that is. When he was younger, he would stay so still… but now, when he hears the hair cutting gadget buzzing sound, he would start to tense. How did you moms do it? Any tips, please.
Mama to Jiann Yang (07/07/2002) and expecting 2nd baby, 25/04/04.

You are not the only mother with hair cut problem!

For my two older kids, we used to DIY. Aiyoh, the sweat, the sticky hair, the mess and whole house/bathroom also teruk kena. We did not let them go to Indian shop till about 6 yrs & 4 yrs respectively. My hubby is a DIY man and if I let him, I think he can even cut my hair! We even have a photo of them with their first hair cut in a barber shop. Imagine a small Indian shop, with the Holiday on Ice powder, the Florida water, Bollywood magazines…. So, with two big bros, my #3 is very cool about hair cutting.

Now, for Matthew, we can afford girlie barber , the same hairdresser as mine, a lady. Also cry like mad but sometime just squirm.

The cost of each hair cut is RM4. Best thing about Indian stall, no waiting ‘cos there are many of them. Shop name – Brother in Sg Dua (for Penangites info)

I think we had to endure that screaming and if the hairdresser is an expert, it just take them only a few minutes. Our most important instruction to the Indian barber. Tak mau cukur. Only use the bzzzz…..

But then, my hubby also sit along to get his hair cut with the boys and thus, it is not such a scary event. And with Matthew, usually, I will also cut with him. Sort of mummy keeping company.

Have anyone of you here ever use a tempurung to get the hair cut? I heard that they have these travelling Indian barber who goes around the kampungs to cut hair. Can’t remember if I have seen them before.

Another interesting topic – hair cut.
Lilian is proud mom to 5 boys, from teen to teeny baby

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Oct 15

Jelly like stool = mucousy stool = stools needing attention
Read above thread for a paed’s explanation about stools texture

Hi all,
Some of you mentioned about jelly like stools. Please note that usually this is a sign needing some attention. If your baby is fully breastfed, watch out which food you ate trigger this kind of stool. Though the baby is growing well, etc, do tell your paed about this when you have a chance. And make an effort to find out which food you should avoid. Find out more about allergy march on MMB’s website.
Lilian (mom of 5)

Hi Josephine

My hunch is right then. You posted about your baby with actopic eczema. And this loose stool and even mucousy stool. Please do not take this lightly – find out what cause the problems. You have to identify this early instead of keep subjecting your baby to more allergic reaction.
Lilian (mom of 5)

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