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Nov 13

Sorry I did not make myself clear, Ai Lian. In the beginning since Abilash could not reach the toilet bowl I let him piss (make him aim @ the water outlet) on the toilet floor near the water outlet ( I will pour water after that). When he was taller told him to do it in the toilet bowl. He could aim himself (stand on his toe to aim in the toilet bowl).

Happy Toilet training everyone!
Sheela SAHM

I have a confession to make. I only started potty training my boys recently & they are already 28 months old. So malu…Wanted to start earlier but Qistina arrived nearly a year ago so forgot about it until I saw this thread. Gosh…I am so way behind

So for the past few weeks, I have been like a zombie, carrying the boys, running after them, cleaning messy spills all over the place before Qis get to them first. She got legs already, want to walk everywhere. The boys thought it is a game. I tried making that sitting on the potty is the fun way to poo-poo or wee wee. They were having fun, I have split headaches. Another game that they like to play…the bird looks like it wanted to shoot but the owner refused to go to the toilet but instead let’s play catch me if you can! And then…ooops Ibu…wee wee…

My question is how do you manage their training when they are having their naps? I have tried bringing them to the toilets before their naps but they will still pee in their sleep. For night time I still put on their diapers. Or do I work on this together? DH asked when do I intend to start Qis on this, I said not now, not until they boys are settled. Need to figure out the boy’s wee wee mystery first

I have one more question – How do you clean those messy bottoms? I have never used wet-wipes since 6 mths old. What I did is to wash with the shower. Each time, I will get him to stand against the wall, hands on the wall (or else he will grab his koo2, get his hands dirty and gosh, rub his face! ) So, I treat him like a criminal. Barking orders – hands on the wall, hands on the wall while I get the shower water to the right temperature, bath foam ready. You can imagine how tedious it is to pack a 15mths old to the toilet 5-6 times a day (plus those bath time and after food time). I usually ended up with wet clothes and all sweaty.

So, do you all have any easier steps?
Lilian (co-owner, moderator and mom of 5)

Yep! Junior used to do his big business on the newspaper. My brother kept asking me when I’m going to toilet train my son??? Now, he has graduate to the toilet bowl but still wants me to carry him. These days my brother keep asking me “Are you going to carry him like this till he is 18 years old ???” I’m officially shifting to my new house this coming Sat. Junior has promised me to poo on his own in the toilet if I make him a nice kids toilet of his own. So, toilet pun sudah buat cantik, cantik. We’ll see how it goes…………………. More report later on……..he…he…he….

Oh! Lil, about washing the bum-bum after the big mess, I still use wet wipes then only wash. I find it easier and less messy.


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Nov 11

Ros, there’s this VCD – Baby Songs by Hap Palmer. The cover is yellow in colour. There’s a track in there titled ‘Today I Took My Diapers Off’, and it shows little girls running to the potty and keeping their diapers in the drawer for good, something along that line. That’s what gotten Kelly sitting in the potty when she was 2yrs old. I got this CD from Tesco. I think you can get it in other hypermart. I also saw it in Bandar Utama Centrepoint -The First Few Years.
Moommy to two little ladies (2yrs11mths & 12mths).
I don’t have to hold Karina when she goes poo-poo but insist only Mummy clean her butt. I never had Karina on the potty. She sent straight to the toilet. So I am lucky I have not had to deal with messy potties. Hopefully Damus will follow the sister’s footsteps. However, I will need help on how to teach boys to go toilet. Do you let the fathers do the training for boys? Do you teach them how to aim? Or do they know what to do?
Mom to hurricane toddler Karina Lim and little moo-moo Damus Lim.
Hi Ai Lian,
I taught the boys myself to aim. Boys r much easier as they can go anywhere to pee-no need to look for proper toilet. With Abilash it was much easier as he observes Abhijay.
Sheela SAHM to
Abhijay ( 7 yrs & FF)
Abilash (3 1/2 yrs -BF without Formula for 2 1/2 yrs & no longer a cow)
Stupid questions Sheela but I am no boy so I don’t know. Do you hold “it” for them or with them? Plus, with the toilet so high and they are so short, how do you get them to pee in the toilet? Have a stool for them to stand?
Mom to hurricane toddler Karina Lim and little moo-moo Damus Lim.

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Nov 09

A few months ago, I read about this worrying news that baby bottle containing the chemical bysphenol A is unsafe. The experts recommended glass bottles. However, it is so hard to find glass bottles. Moreover, to me it is so unsafe because when a baby is of certain age, they love throwing things and I wonder how many glass bottles have been broken to shreds.

Now, they have come up with another new findings. As parents, I do not know what to believe anymore. So, do just read this news found on ConsumerAffairs :

Although parents, consumer groups and many retailers are shunning bisphenol A — commonly called BPA — the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has once again asserted that the chemical is safe.

BPA is a “hardening agent,” widely used in baby bottles, canned food and other consumer products. It acts as both a seal to keep contaminants out of canned goods and makes plastics shatterproof.

Its defenders say it makes modern life safer, especially for infants. Its detractors say babies would be safer without it.

The FDA has previously found that the substance was not cause for concern. And now, after revisiting the question, it has come to the same conclusion. An outside committee of experts will study the FDA’s latest findings in September and issue recommendations. But that’s not likely to settle the question.

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