Breastfeeding – the mummy and baby bond of love

A mom’s love for her little baby starts the moment she knew baby is growing inside her. She lovingly protects and nurtures baby by eating fresh and healthy food so that baby grows well. She feels every movement of her baby, their hearts beating in tandem. Baby lives in mummy secure womb.

Now that baby is in her arms, she will want to continue to protect baby in this big, big world. Baby needs the comfort of mummy’s embrace because baby is now in a loud, strange, cold, noisy world. After 9 months where mummy and baby are one, baby is now an individual, yet very much part of mummy. How does mummy ensure that baby still receives the same loving care? How can mummy continue to protect her baby? Breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is the link that keeps mummy and baby as one. What can be more beautiful and loving than for mummy to continue to nurture and comfort baby by putting baby close to her?

Mummy wants to provide baby with the best nutrition. Mummy is able to protect baby because mummy’s first-milk or colostrum is ‘nature’s antibiotic’. With her warm and gentle embrace, baby will continue to feel secure. Lying on mummy’s chest, baby still hears the familiar heart beats. Baby knows that mummy is the special woman who will give him love, comfort, security and mummy’s milk. Baby knows that mummy will always be there.
A simple guide for moms-to-be intending to maintain that magical bond between mummy and baby
• Be prepared before birth of baby
• Be determined
• Be patient
• Be focused – every mummy has milk for her baby
• Be happy and rejoice!

Mummy’s milk has something money can’t buy – LOVE. For the love of your baby, breastfeed!
(Written by Chan Lilian, Owner, MyMomsBest)

Post-natal blues – Mothers’ views – Part 6

Maybe I have gone off topic a little. There really is such a condition as pregnancy blues or pre-natal depression. It is a medical condition and if it is severe, I guess the pregnant mom ought to bring this matter to her ob-gyn attention. In this situation, the world around her is still ‘normal’ but the hormones upset made her think and feel otherwise.

However, there can also be situations where the matter is not related to the pregnancy but probably the problems exist with or without baby/pregnancy. In this case, I guess MMB hasn’t come to the level of marriage counselling yet.

Post-natal blues – Mothers’ views – Part 5

Thanks for all the sharing. It is so nice to know that there are normal moms out there with healthy and realistic body image.

But i still haven’t quite gotten the answer to my true question, which is are pregnancy worries the second time around any different from the first? When i mentioned weight worries, i meant that i know it is usually more an issue for the first kid. You have all confirmed it! Having had 2 and even 5 kids, i can see weight isn’t an issue at all anymore! (so comforting)

But what about finances, housework? Do these things become areas of contention more than the first time? Ya, men can be elated to have 10 kids, but are they as helpful to massage your feet and back as they did when you carried their firstborn? What is the general experience on this? I know men are not all the same, but generally – i have lived long enough with one and chatted enough with women from other marriages to know that they can be quite similar across the board in many areas. It’s so freaky to agree for a second one and then have him suddenly get too busy at work to help as much as you thought he would… more than one mom i know is wondering how to have a second one when their hubbies can’t seem to get their act together even for the first one!