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Sep 20

The results

But we still need someone to nag, b’cos people tend to take thing for granted, just like the car seat, all the while I only have one infant car site, and Annabelle sit in it, I carry Isabelle, after the last mail Jen talk about car seat, I start using another car seat for Isabelle. Have to thanks Jen for this. – Maria (mom to twins)

It has been an eye-opening experience to hear personal experiences from Nazreen from UK and Jen from Canada. All the time, I, as a Malaysian had been wondering how all those blonde, Caucasian babies sit so quietly and angelic looking in their car seats. Now I know – let them cry till they learnt their lesson. So, today onwards, I am going to make it a point to strap Matthew in his car-seat, come what may. I invested in the seat and almost give up because all those annoying motor-cyclist who would knock on my car window when I stopped at traffic lights to tell me that my son is crying! – Lilian

As for the car seat, you moms really change my mind on the importance of safety measures to our lil one whilst in the car. At first I was thinking of introducing car seat to Rina after her lil brother has come out. But on last week I’ve bought one for her and looks like Rina was really enjoyed her first trip without making any fuss eventhough that’s her first time travel using the car seat. Thank you… thank you… thank you… especially to Jen. And to Fiza too for helping me in deciding which car seat to buy. I really appreciate it fren. – Faz

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Sep 18

I guess the trick is to introduce the car seat as early as possible, like as early as on your way back from the hospital after delivery. Cause if they don’t have a choice, they can’t complain. Also babies are creatures of habit and once they are use to it, they’ll be fine. – Suet

Like Suet, we introduced the car seat right from the begining. We had no choice though as it is a requirement that babies/children must travel in car seats. We did have some tough spells with Suraiya as we use take her out on long journeys and that kinda spoilt all our good intentions …… as you do with the first borns! She too use to howl when she was strapped in for too long but we bit the bullet and on one journey let her howl for a long time without giving in to her. After that she was ok about it. Zulaikhas has been the total opposite. It’s been a breeze with her. She’s not fussed at all but that’s becuase we didn’t (even once) get her out of her car seat – these little beings are very clever and know just how to manipulate their parents! – Nazreen (Malaysian in UK)

If the Government made car seat compulsory, a lot of people will have to change their cars or forget about going out at all! Our cars are not even made to fit car seats. I drive a Kancil and my rear seat belts are definitely not made to strap in car seats. That reminds me that I’ll have to go to an accessory shop to fit proper seat belts for car seats. I am definitely all for car seats and seat belts. An average of RM500 is a small price to pay for a child’s safety. Sometimes, it is worth going to Singapore for a holiday (especially if you have friends or relatives staying there) and getting baby stuff there. – Min

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Sep 16

Car Seat

One of the issues that we brought up during our group discussion is about the safety of a child/baby travelling in a car. Below are some comments to ponder over. Please, if you are not using a car seat yet, do so today!


My question is does anyone know the tricks to tempt a toddler to sit still and quietly through a journey? – Szex2


And please please please make sure you follow the instructions for the car seat exactly! Don’t put it on a seat with an an air-bag; don’t put it front-facing until baby is over 9kg AND at least one year old; if the instructions say you need a locking clip on the seat belt, then use it; replace the seat if your car is in a bad accident, whether the baby was in it or not…. Sorry, I do tend to rant a bit about car seats. I am horrified every time I get in the car and see adults safely strapped in the front seats while their children are unrestrained in the back. And babies are *not* safe in your lap – in an accident they become a rocket and you become the rocket launcher!

I realize that statistically speaking, an accident isn’t likely every time you get in the car, but you never know. And when you are talking about a baby’s life I don’t see how there can be any question whether to use one or not. If my baby died in an accident because I simply didn’t bother putting her in a car seat I would not be able to live with the guilt, and I don’t know how any mother could. It’s not worth the risk.

BTW, it is also much safer to wear your seatbelt than not while
pregnant as well! I don’t understand the exemption in Malaysia. Just wear the belt across the hips, below the belly.

Okay, off my soapbox!! 🙂 – Jen (from Canada living in Melaka)

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