Family meals – Fish & Spinach soup

Contributed by Kat

Garlic, Ginger (A)
Carrots, Spinach (B)
Fish, thinly sliced

1. Saute (A), add water and simmer a while (makes a nice fragrant stock).
2. Add (B), cook until tender. Put in fish, bring to boil and remove from fire to avoid overcooking fish. 3. Serve with rice, noodles or meehoon.

Family meals – Tomyam balls

Contributed by Lilian

Get a variety of sotong balls, taufoo fish balls etc. Boil till cook and then pan fry in a bit of oil so that the surfaces look a bit brown.

To make sauce:
1 small bottle of Peace brand tomyam paste (about RM2+)
2 stalks serai (bruised)
3 tomatoes (cut into quarter)
2 Onions (cut into quarter)
3-5 leaves of limau purut (kaffir lime) sold in supermarket about RM1 per packet. (bruised)
Thai chilli sauce (those sweet variety)
2 large lime (green colour one), squeeze for water
Coriander leaves for decoration and more fragrant (coriander leaves is like Chinese celery but it is smaller and much more pungent. Called ‘guan sui’ in Hokkien)
Cili padi if you prefer hotter version.

1. Tumis the serai, onion and kaffir lime leaves till fragrant.
2. Add tomatoes (cili padi) and tomyam paste. Tumis a little while.
3. Add the lime juice and thai chili sauce (enough to make the whole thing pasty).
4. Add in balls. Sprinkle with coriander leaves.

In place of sotong balls, you can try the various vegetarian squids, kidney, prawns etc. Very healthy and very tasty too. You can keep the extra sauce in the freezer. Or if you add water, you get tomyam. But if making tomyam, it is tastier to boil chicken bones and prawn head plus the coriander roots.

Family meals – Marmite Sauce

Contributed by Lilian

2 tbsp Marmite
4 tbso hot water
1 tbsp sugar
Lots of black pepper
2 pips garlic, chopped (one clove garlic is the whole bulb and one pip is the segment)
A little oil

1. Dissolve marmite and sugar in hot water.
2. Heat oil in small pan, saute garlic, add black pepper, pour in the mixture. Sudah siap.

You can either use one chicken breast cut into small pieces or 300 gm prawns or sausage, use your imagination. Coat chicken breast/prawn with some white pepper and corn flour. Deep fry, take out and add the Marmite sauce.