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Aug 20

I gave birth at Seremban. They are not the biggest advocate of breastfeeding. My experience with Karina and Damus is the same. Lost lots of bleed and was confined to bed the whole night (gave birth in the afternoon). Anyway, at that hospital, if you want to see or bf baby, you have to go to the nursing room. They don’t bring babies to the room coz’ one time one baby got sick (infected from visiting members) and spread it to all the other babies at the nursery. They only bring baby to room if mother had caesarian or in my case, nurse pity me coz’ told to stay in bed.
By the way, I had a single room, no sharing.

Karina was given glucose until I could get to her. I don’t think I was asked, initiated by nurse. Damus was given formula. Nurse asked this time and very very reluctantly I had to say yes. Was told he was crying a lot and deemed to be hungry. I was told I hadn’t recovered enough to bf. By the way, I made it very clear to the nurses that I wanted to breastfeed. But I think Lillian is right, better to inform the paed. I didn’t know how long my babies could go without any form of food (since I was deemed not fit to feed yet) and that’s why I gave in to the nurses. Anyway, I am glad to have been discharged the next day. Then I can take baby home and feed, feed, feed.

IF I have another baby, think I might consider going to another hospital.
Mom to hurricane toddler Karina Lim and little moo-moo Damus Lim.

I wouldn’t say that rooming-in with baby right after birth would necessarily GUARANTEE successful breastfeeding because SO MANY other factors can come into play later which could result in a less-than-successful breastfeeding experience. Having said that however, IMHO it would be a step in the right direction.

I had all my babies room in with me after birth and as a result of the frequent feeding, I believe that is why none of them ever had jaundice since they passed out their meconium pretty quick, kept peeing and pooing right from the start. Admittedly, it was tiring and difficult, because of the exhaustion and pain after labour. I guess it was a small sacrifice to make for something that I take so much joy from these days.

Wishing all new moo-mies and moo-mies to be all the best!
Zarina, militant breastfeeding mommy to 3 boys:

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Aug 18

I delivered Abilash (normal delivery) in Klang. As I was exclusively bf him, the nurses had to bring him to me whenever he cried (every 15 min or so) as he was kept in the nursery. In the beginning they did this & thus was so tired of bringing him to me so often. Then they decided to let Abilash bunk with me as he was nursing so frequently. I was the only bf mum in my room & thus the only one with bb bunking with me. The other mums were resting & sleeping peacefully while I was nursing around the clock.
Sheela SAHM to
Know something? I always wondered about this too! Immediately upon birth, my ob-gynae asked me to bf . I was shocked! What?! Right now? I asked. Me and baby so dirty and messy. My gynae kept quite-the baby whirled off to the nursery to be fed formula! After that everyone kept telling me to have more rest while I got the chance-I actually believe them. I slept and slept . Only go to the nursery a few time per day. On the third day, Junior started to have jaundice . I was really serious about bf then, but by the time, Junior won’t suck my Mcb. Each time I put him to my breast, he cried and cried. It comes to a point that I’m so scare of each feeding time. I was so frustrated and feel like a failure. So then, begin my journey of EBM ….express and express until he reached 1 year old. Me, bad mom!
I often wondered if I had bf him directly right upon birth and room in with him during the hospital stay, surely he wouldn’t reject my breast? Sigh! Hope I’ll better next time. Wish I know this group earlier!


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Aug 16

QUESTION – Does rooming in with baby helps to ensure a more successful breastfeeding?
ok..will “rooming in” help in successful breastfeeding?..I would say is YES! what i have learned at the breastfeeding counselling course is – there are ten steps to successful breastfeeding. Step No. 7) Practise rooming in – allow mothers and infants to remain together – 24 hrs a day. (Angeline)

Hi ladies

I had been following the thread on how moms successfully breastfed their newborns without any supplement. I suppose one of the reason they are able to do it is because they get their newborn to room in with them and I believe they have some form of company throughout their stay. Am I right? Or if one delivered in a Govt Hospital, then there is no other choice but to have baby next to mom.

I for one cannot afford (even though the medical expenses aren’t from our pocket) first class ward because I refuse to pay triple the amount and getting the same treatment. So, for all my babies, I stay in a 3rd class ward where I bunk in with 3 (and even 5) moms. Security wise, the babies aren’t allowed with us. Anyway, the other moms will have their whole kampung Cina, Melayu, India with them and who wants to expose their newborns to these crowds? And some hospital did not allow the baby out of the nursery because they afraid of baby snatching.

So, I can blame my under-achievement in not getting baby to suckle 24/7 due to this constraint. I only drag myself to the nursery as and when I can find strength.

Now, my question – if one cannot afford first class ward, does that mean we have a lesser chance of exclusive breastfeeding? In a nursery, there are at least 20 babies and thus, I can’t expect the nurses to attend to only me. What does other moms do under these circumstances?

When I had Matthew – I did spent a LOT of time in the nursery but after a while, I do sense that the nurses find me a nuisance ‘cos I am there even at 2am in the morning. The expecting moms – what are your plans to counter this situation? Are you going to a hospital where your newborn is going to be bunk in with you? Are you going to set up camp in the nursery? Let’s share.
Lilian (co-owner, moderator and mom of 5)

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