Baby Bottle Chemical Bysphenol A Is Safe, FDA Report Says

A few months ago, I read about this worrying news that baby bottle containing the chemical bysphenol A is unsafe. The experts recommended glass bottles. However, it is so hard to find glass bottles. Moreover, to me it is so unsafe because when a baby is of certain age, they love throwing things and I wonder how many glass bottles have been broken to shreds.

Now, they have come up with another new findings. As parents, I do not know what to believe anymore. So, do just read this news found on ConsumerAffairs :

Although parents, consumer groups and many retailers are shunning bisphenol A — commonly called BPA — the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has once again asserted that the chemical is safe.

BPA is a “hardening agent,” widely used in baby bottles, canned food and other consumer products. It acts as both a seal to keep contaminants out of canned goods and makes plastics shatterproof.

Its defenders say it makes modern life safer, especially for infants. Its detractors say babies would be safer without it.

The FDA has previously found that the substance was not cause for concern. And now, after revisiting the question, it has come to the same conclusion. An outside committee of experts will study the FDA’s latest findings in September and issue recommendations. But that’s not likely to settle the question.

Toilet training – Part 4

Karina will be three in August.
I know what you mean about the book thing. When we were younger my mom always gave my brothers and me something to read while we went potty. We still live with that habit. It’s like poo-poo come out easier when having something to read. I banned Karina from having books in the toilet. One day the book I gave her ended up being drenched wet. We have a bucket of water right next to the toilet so I am not sure if she dunked it in there. But the good thing about her is unlike her moomy who spends too much time in the toilet (because of the book/mag), she gets her business over with quite fast.
Mom to hurricane toddler Karina Lim and little moo-moo Damus Lim.

Ai! Yo! I having trouble getting Junior to sit on the toilet bowl on his own. Till today, (he is three) still wants me to carry him whenever he wants to poo-poo! I’ve tried Sheela methods of getting him to read books and do colouring but to no avail. He will scream, and scream that his poo-poo is coming out , Mummy carry me QUICK! and the worst thing is: he only wants me to carry him! No one else will do. So, when I’m not around, he will keep his poo-poo!
What am I to do? Sigh!


Hi moomies,
My 28 mo Beatrisya is finally ready to do potty training, I’ve been putting off for so long. She woke up at 4 am on Tuesday screaming that she needed to poo. We were so surprised, hubby took her diaper off, let her do her business but later said she changed her mind. Put her back in the diaper and at 6 am, we checked on her and like what we expected, she did it in the diaper. Last two days, babysitter said she screamed that she needed to poo and same thing happen, changed her mind but later did it in the diaper. Hubby’s colleague said they trained their kid by using some CDs. Now, where can I get such CDs, any moomies have used them before? Or books, any recommendations? Thinking to look for it this weekend and will get serious potty training. And Jennifer, since I’m new in this department, do not have any advice for you but surely love to hear from other experienced moomies.


Toilet training – Part 3

Hiya Moomies,
Started Abilash with the night training yesterday as wanted to finish his last diaper (stopped using diapers when he was 1 + yrs during the day) . He has been saying that he doesn’t want to use it for some months now as he says “I’m already big”. Mummy is actually the lazy one to start the ball rolling . Since he goes to bed @ 8pm, I carry him to the loo b4 DH & I go to be @ 11 something pm so don’t have to wake again in the middle of the time. So far so good.
Sheela SAHM
hi ladies, guess what? I got bonus (not poo-poo on my body lah)–
last Sat Isabelle came into the study while I’m busy on the net, she pat on my lap, I look at her, she pat her backside and made a sound:”nng, nng.” I asked her poo-poo ah? she nod. quickly bring her to the loo, put her on the bowl, she point to the books near the wall:”shu, shu (book in mandarin).” then “flower, flower.” to the ashtray, I entertain her for a while and look into the bowl, done! I took her down wipe her and wash, then gave her a big clap said she is so clever, she very happy. Today annabelle did the same thing, but once I put her to the bowl, she felt so uncomfortable, want to get down, because she so boney, and the sit got no cushion, I can imagine how uncomfortable it was for her. so unexpected, just been nag by my mom few days ago, Isabelle got pity with mommy being nag I guess . anyway I can find those seat with cushion? not so expensive one lah.
Maria (mother of twin girls–Isabelle & Annabelle, born 25th Nov 2002)
Maria, my Kelly is just like your Isabelle. She’s got to have a book in her hands whenever she’s on her throne. Sometimes, when she urgently wants to go, she will run to take her potty, put it down with a thump, pull down her shorts clumsily and hurriedly, and screams, “booookk!!! boook ah !!!” As if the book will run to her! … Sometimes she’s so urgent that the potty will fall sideway as she tries to sit on it! She always wait till she cannot tahan before taking the potty! Ailian, how old is Karina? I put Kelly on diapers only at night. Somedays she wakes up dry, some days not.
Moommy to two little ladies (2yrs11mths & 12mths)